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37 Fabulous Ways to Wear Glitter Nail Polish ...

By Eliza

Glitter nail polish is so much fun to wear. It sparkles and shines and really makes your manicure something special. I know it's kind of hard to get it off, but I think it's totally worth the extra effort. After you see what this list has to offer, I think you'll agree with me. So, go ahead and stock up on glittery polish in every shade of the rainbow. Once you give it a try, you are going to be addicted to how it looks.

1 Navy and Silver Glitter

Navy and Silver Glitter Via 17 Gorgeous Blue Nails Art ...
This color combination is fabulous and the single glittery nail really makes an impact.

2 For a Party

For a Party Via
Combine your glittery nails with a fun bit of nail art for a party or celebration of any kind.

3 Light Glitter

Light Glitter Via 15 Pink Nail Arts You ...
The glitter here is pretty understated, but I think it still looks pretty fantastic.

4 Sliver with Red

Sliver with Red Via 16 Bloody Hot Red Nails ...
Bright red nails are my favorite, but a bit of silver sparkle takes to the next level.

5 Mix Things up

Mix Things up Via 15 Fashionable Nail Ideas You ...
A little bit of glitter with some nail art is a perfect look for just about anything.

6 Pretty Pale Pink

Pretty Pale Pink Via Best Nude Nail Polish Shades ...
Glitter in the same color as the rest of your nails looks feminine and lovely.

7 Sparkly French Tips

Sparkly French Tips Via Gliteratti Party: 15 of the ...
A fancy French manicure with glitter is a fun look. I did this for my wedding.

8 Like a Disco Ball

Like a Disco Ball Via Best China Glaze Nail Polishes ...
When I see this glitter polish, all I can think of a disco ball. It has just the right touch of colored sparkle, don't you think?

9 Super Shiny

Super Shiny Via Best Pink Nail Polishes - ...
Use a clear top coat to make your nails shine just like these.

10 Sparkle on the Ends

Sparkle on the Ends Via 20 Sparkly DIY Manis for ...
A dash of glitter on the ends of your nails is an easy look to do and fun to show off too.

11 Pink and Silver Shimmer

Pink and Silver Shimmer Via 15 Pink Nail Arts You ...
Look at that cute little heart. I like how there's a bit of glitter on each nail.

12 Blue and Silver

Blue and Silver Via 15 Interesting Nail Ideas - ...
The silver glitter is the perfect complement for the blue on this manicure.

13 Matte Base Coat

Matte Base Coat Via 20 Simple Nail Designs for ...
When you top a matte nail polish color with glitter, you make it pop even more.

14 Dark Nail Polish and Glitter Ombre

Dark Nail Polish and Glitter Ombre Via Prom Nails: 15 Ideas For ...
If you dig the ombre look, you will love the effect the glitter has on this manicure.

15 Don't Forget Your Toes

Don't Forget Your Toes Via 12 Nail Art Ideas For ...
You can totally wear glitter on your toenails. Perfect for summer time and sandal weather.

16 Neon Sparkles

Neon Sparkles Via Neon Lights: Custom-Blended NEON Glitter ...
Neon is trending in a big way right now and you ease into the trend by wearing neon glitter on your nails.

17 Giant Glitter

Giant Glitter Via steffels.: Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd
I love the way big chunks of glitter look. Especially on a dark background.

18 White Nails and an Accent in Your Favorite Color

White Nails and an Accent in Your Favorite Color Via 20 Creative Nail Design Ideas ...
Doesn't this look awesome? What color would your accent nail be?

19 Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors Via Seriously HAUTE Nail Art!
You could pair this neutral color with just about anything in your closet.

20 Matte and Glitter

Matte and Glitter Via Matte & glitter nails. Navy. ...
Here's another great example of how awesome matte polish looks with glitter.

21 Glitter over White

Glitter over White Via 16 Beautiful Glitter Nail Designs ...
White is a great background color for making bright glitter stand out.

22 Nude Glitter

Nude Glitter Via 16 Glamorous Glitter Nail Art ...
A nude background is also perfect for glitter accents.

23 Holographic Glitter

Holographic Glitter Via Nail Polish Colors For Summer ...
I like how the glitter goes on in sections rather than in defined pieces. The colors are awesome!

24 Charcoal

Charcoal Via Top 10 Nail Polishes For ...
Charcoal is a great choice for pairing with gold glitter nail polish.

25 Super Shiny

Super Shiny Via opi | eBay
I think I have this color in my nail polish bin. It looks awesome over white.

26 Big and Little

Big and Little Via Oh Splat White Glitter Nail ...
This glitter polish is awesome because it has big pieces and small pieces of glitter.

27 Nail Art

Nail Art Via Artist, DIY Pro, and Now ...
Use some of the glitter to create a cool little design on one of your other nails. This is fantastic, don't you think?

Princess wow pretty nails ...

28 Rainbow Glitter

Rainbow Glitter Via Best China Glaze Glitter Nail ...
If you can't decide which color of glitter you want, why not wear them all?

29 Only One Color

Only One Color Via Top 10 Nail Styles To ...
There's nothing wrong with choosing one color and doing all of your nails the same.

30 All White

All White Via Glitter Nail Art For A ...
There's something really elegant about nails that are all white, glitter and all.

31 Glitter Water Marble Nails

Glitter Water Marble Nails Via Easy Water Marble Nail Art ...
Wouldn't you love to have nails like this? You would be sure to get all sorts of complements!

32 Purple Gleam

Purple Gleam Via Fashion Polish: Milani Rockstar Heavy ...
I like how this polish is glittery and really shiny at the same time.

33 Pink and Gray

Pink and Gray Via The PolishAholic: Orly Pretty In ...
I have always loved the way pink and gray look with each other. What do you think of this combination?

34 Wear Mickey Ears

Wear Mickey Ears Via Real Girls Wear Mickey Ears ...
Disney fanatics are going to love this mouse inspired nail glitter.

35 Bright Turquoise

Bright Turquoise Via Karine’s Vernis Club: Firework nails- ...
This is one of my absolute favorite glittery looks. The color is great!

36 Chrome Nail

Chrome Nail Via Goose's Glitter: Dollar
Now this is a look that would be sure to turn some heads. Would you wear it?

37 Classic Red

Classic Red Via
Last bu not least, you can never go wrong with red nail polish, glittery or otherwise.

Which one of these is your favorite? Do you agree that removing glitter will be totally worth it from here on out?

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