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29 Steampunk Nails That Will Blow Your Mind ...

By Eliza

Don't you just love nail art? There are so many things you can do with it. Holidays, celebrations and events are perfect opportunities to do some nail art. Of course, you can always do it anytime you want to as well. If steampunk is your thing, you are in luck, because there are loads of cool designs you can do. Check them out!

1 Black Background

Black BackgroundVia Nails by Stoneageaccess on
Black nail polish is the perfect choice for the background of your steampunk nail art.

2 Gold Details

Gold DetailsVia The White Rabbit | Nail
Gold detailing is the most ideal choice for your steampunk designs.

3 Symbols

SymbolsVia Free Shipping - 63 GOLD
Simple symbols are pretty easy to create, but you can buy decals for many of them too.

4 Three Dimensional

Three DimensionalVia Decorate Your Nails With “BioShock
I love this look! What do you think?

5 Gadgets and Gears

Gadgets and GearsVia
Gadgets and gears are the epitome of steampunk so these nails are great!

6 Steampunked

This is subtle, but still gives off a great steampunk vibe.

7 Vintage Steampunk

Vintage SteampunkVia
I love the awesome combination of vintage and steampunk that comes together here.

8 Black and Silver

Black and SilverVia Steampunk Nail Art goes Topless
The color here are epic and I love how each nail has a different design.

9 Shades of Metal

Shades of MetalVia 20 Amazingly Nerdy Nail Art
I love how all the colors of metal combine here. What do you think?

10 Steampunk Machine Gun Manicure

Steampunk Machine Gun ManicureVia 35 Cool 3D Nail Art
Cool or weird? What are your thoughts?

11 Glitter and Gold

Glitter and GoldVia Wacky Laki: Sunday Stamping: Over
You can't go wrong adding a little bit of shine to your nails.

12 Punk Warehouse

Punk WarehouseVia Polished Peripherals: Steampunk Warehouse
This design is everything that makes steampunk so cool.

13 Short Circuit

Short CircuitVia The Nailasaurus | UK Nail
Just a tiny bit of steampunk here, but this is still really awesome.

14 Paint It on

Paint It onVia Daily Nail Art: Steampunk Nails
All you need to free hand tiny designs like this is a tiny little paintbrush.

15 Lots of Gold

Lots of GoldGold is a great color choice when you're thinking steampunk.

16 Jules Verne Nails

Jules Verne NailsVia Tribulons
I can't get enough of these! Would you do this design?

17 Crackled Background

Crackled BackgroundVia Steampunk nails (please ignore the
You can buy polish that cracks like this. It's perfect, isn't it?

18 Blue SteamPunk

Blue SteamPunkVia Break rules, not nails
I love this modern shade of blue, don't you?

19 Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk Pocket WatchVia Steampunk Pocket Watch Clockwork Golden
This is so fun! You can get this look with nail wraps.

20 Just the Tips

Just the TipsVia Sonoma Nail Art: The Great
Instead of going all out, try doing a little bit of steampunk just on the tips of your nails.

21 Black and White

Black and WhiteVia Colores de Carol
You can never go wrong with black and white nail art. It matches everything in your closet.

22 One Nail

One NailVia 19 Examples Of The Newest
It's trendy to make one nail fancy, so this is pretty great.

23 Gears on Gold

Gears on GoldVia Steampunk Nails — Hair &
What isn't to like about this steampunk design?


NAIL STAMPINGVia How To: Nail Stamping
Nail stamping is a fun way to get an artistic design even if you can't free hand it.

25 Distressed Cogs, Gears and Chains

Distressed Cogs, Gears and ChainsThis really is fantastic, don't you agree?

26 Moustache Steampunk Nails

Moustache Steampunk NailsVia Google Images
Moustaches are definitely having a moment and they fit perfectly with the steampunk trend.

27 Shine on the Ends

Shine on the EndsVia
I like how the ends have just the right amount of detailing. Cute!

28 Super Shiny

Super ShinyVia All geared up...#notpolish..thankyou everyone.have a
Cover your nail art with a coat of clear polish so it gets super shiny like this.

29 All the Best

All the BestVia - Nails by Simone Gilbert
I saved the best for last! Don't you just love this?

Do you like steampunk? What's your favorite thing about it?

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