39 Awesome Plaid Nail Art Designs for Your Preppy Days ...

By Eliza

39 Awesome Plaid Nail Art Designs for Your Preppy Days ...

Plaid tends to come and go in style, but for now it's back and it's perfect for nail art. All it takes is a bunch of lines of different directions and dimensions to create plaid. You can use any combination of colors you love to create the look so it looks great with any outfit. Here's all the inspiration you need. Have fun!

Table of contents:

  1. black, red and gold
  2. purple plaid french tip
  3. neon summer plaid
  4. buffalo check nails
  5. tartan on your toes
  6. burberry nails
  7. plaid nails in pink and black
  8. shades of grey and pink
  9. pink plaid with some sparkle
  10. bold black on pink
  11. burberry with black
  12. use pale pink
  13. colors of paradise
  14. matte plaid nails
  15. plaid with hearts
  16. cute and quirky plaid nails
  17. black and white
  18. blue background
  19. a touch of shine
  20. christmas plaid
  21. tartan nails
  22. lots of colors
  23. fall plaid
  24. navy blue and nude wiht hearts
  25. pink burberry inspired
  26. fun and fancy
  27. holiday gift wrap
  28. blue, purple and green
  29. your favorite plaid
  30. with a touch of gold
  31. yellow and black
  32. shades of purple
  33. teal plaid nail art
  34. plaid nails with flowers
  35. matte green and red plaid
  36. purple sparkle
  37. a dash of shimmer
  38. silver and grey plaid nails
  39. fresh looking greens

1 Black, Red and Gold

color,nail polish,nail,red,finger, Source: DIY Nail Art Christmas Tartan

2 Purple Plaid French Tip

finger,nail,pink,nail care,nail polish, Source: It`s all about nails: Plaid

3 Neon Summer Plaid

Gelish,color,nail polish,finger,nail care, Source: LSL's FUN BLOG: Summer Plaid

4 Buffalo Check Nails

nail,finger,red,nail care,nail polish, Source: The Hot New Print for

5 TARTAN on Your Toes

nail,finger,red,nail care,manicure, Source: 『お客様ネイル(ハンド&フット)』

6 Burberry Nails

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: Amazing Nail Art - Burberry

7 Plaid Nails in Pink and Black

color,pink,nail,finger,nail care, Source: Plaid Nails - Nail Art

8 Shades of Grey and Pink

color,nail,finger,pink,nail care, Source: Pink & Grey Plaid

9 Pink Plaid with Some Sparkle

nail,finger,pink,nail care,manicure, Source: 50+ Nail Art Ideas to

10 Bold Black on Pink

pink,finger,nail,nail care,nail polish, Source: Maryam Maquillage: "Summer Neon" Plaid

11 Burberry with Black

nail,finger,red,nail care,manicure, Source: Fashion Girls Magazine on Instagram

12 Use Pale Pink

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,pink, Source: 35 Gingham and Plaid Nail

13 Colors of Paradise

color,finger,nail,nail polish,nail care, Source: bloglovin.com

14 Matte Plaid Nails

nail,finger,red,pink,nail polish, Source: From Fab to Fabulouser!

15 Plaid with Hearts

nail,finger,nail care,pink,manicure, Source: youtube.com

16 Cute and Quirky Plaid Nails

nail,finger,nail care,blue,manicure, Source: 35 Gingham and Plaid Nail

17 Black and White

nail,finger,white,nail care,nail polish,

18 Blue Background

nail,finger,blue,hand,nail care, Source: nailitmag.com

19 A Touch of Shine

nail,finger,pink,nail care,hand, Source: Instagram photo by @pattern (Nails

20 Christmas Plaid

color,nail,finger,pink,red, Source: Vine Vera Resveratrol Reviews –

21 Tartan Nails

nail,finger,red,nail care,manicure, Source: #TheSundayNailBattle - Tartan Nails

22 Lots of Colors

color,nail,finger,food,hand, Source: INK361 - The Instagram web

23 Fall Plaid

nail,finger,nail care,orange,yellow, Source: INK361 - The Instagram web

24 Navy Blue and Nude Wiht Hearts

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand, Source: jirian shared a photo from

25 Pink Burberry Inspired

pink,finger,nail,nail care,red, Source: Instagram photo by @nailsbyic (Isabelle)

26 Fun and Fancy

nail,finger,pink,nail care,manicure, Source: Vicky Loves Nails!: Neon Check

27 Holiday Gift Wrap

nail,finger,red,nail care,manicure, Source: Smashley Sparkles: Holiday Nail Art

28 Blue, Purple and Green

color,nail,nail polish,finger,nail care, Source: Amcpolish: Plaid Nails Tutorial

29 Your Favorite Plaid

nail,nail polish,finger,nail care,blue, Source: Little Red Loves: Checkered Print

30 With a Touch of Gold

nail,finger,nail care,red,manicure, Source: plaid - Urania Nails&Eyelashes

31 Yellow and Black

nail,finger,yellow,hand,nail polish, Source: Iggy Azalea Fancy - Plaid

32 Shades of Purple

nail,finger,nail care,pink,nail polish, Source: Log in — Instagram

33 Teal Plaid Nail Art

nail,finger,blue,nail polish,nail care, Source: JulieDoesHerNails: Teal Plaid Nail Art

34 Plaid Nails with Flowers

finger,nail,nail care,nail polish,hand, Source: Polishology: For Audrey - Preppy

35 Matte Green and Red Plaid

nail,color,finger,nail care,nail polish, Source: 80 Nail Designs for Short

36 Purple Sparkle

finger,nail,nail polish,nail care,purple, Source: Nail Designs to Try: Stunning

37 A Dash of Shimmer

color,nail,pink,finger,red, Source: MASH Nail Art Brush Set

38 Silver and Grey Plaid Nails

nail,finger,hand,manicure,fashion accessory, Source: Spektor's Nails: Silver Grey Plaid

39 Fresh Looking Greens

nail,finger,green,manicure,hand, Source: 35 Gingham and Plaid Nail

Do you wear plaid? Which of these looks is your favorite?

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