28 Really Cool Sea Creature Nail Art Patterns ...


Nail art is so much fun, don't you think? There are so many cool things you can do to your nails so there's no reason not to try out some cool sea creatures, right? They are adorable and fairly easy to create. One thing is for sure - you will smile every time you see them!

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Beach Colors

Beach Colors Via My Style
Blue and green polish make for a great background color for your nail art.


Blue Glitter

Blue Glitter Via Ocean Nails - Nail Art ...
Blue glitter is the perfect choice for making your nails look like they are under the sea.


Make Them All Different

Make Them All Different Via fuck yeah nail art!
The fun thing about nail art is that you can make each nail different and it still looks awesome.


Light Blue

Light Blue Via Log in | Tumblr
This blue is the perfect sea color and those little animals are pretty fantastic.


Cartoon Animals

Cartoon Animals Via spookynails.com
I love the cartoonish feel of these cute animals. What do you think?


Angel Fish

Angel Fish Via Fishes in nail art
These super cute angelfish are really fun, don't you think?


Sea Shells

Sea Shells Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
You can't go wrong by putting sea shells on your sea nails.


Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails Via dxivv.tumblr.com
I love these! They're a super fun way to get a mermaid feel without having to paint an actual sea creature.


Lots of Bubbles

Lots of Bubbles Via INK361 - The Instagram web ...
Don't forget to put some bubbles on your sea creature nails.


Try Some Red

Try Some Red Via Lacquered Lawyer | Nail Art ...
You might not think of red as a sea color, but this looks pretty awesome, don't you think?


Mermaid under the Sea

Mermaid under the Sea Via Sea Creatures Nail Art for ...
There is nothing about this that isn't totally cool!


Stamped Nail Art

Stamped Nail Art Via Mermaid Nail Art Inspiration
I don't have much skill painting tiny pictures, but stamps and decals are a perfect alternative.


Fun Octopus

Fun Octopus Via fuck yeah nail art!
This is pretty fabulous, don't you think? Would you do this to your nails?


Lots of Detail

Lots of Detail Via Style Those Nails: Sea Creatures ...
There is a lot of detail on these nails, which makes them pretty superb.



Outlines Via fuckyeahprettynails
Of course, there's nothing wrong with doing just the outlines of the animals.


Shark Jaws

Shark Jaws Via Pirate Nail Art Challenge: Sea ...
Make your nails look like a grinning shark by painting on some teeth.


Koi Fish

Koi Fish Via Koi Stamping Decal Mani: February's ...
OK, they don't actually live in the sea, but they are pretty cool.


Jaws Strikes Again

Jaws Strikes Again Via Try My Hand: Alphabet Nail ...
This would be so much fun! It would be hard not to smile when you look at them.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Under the Sea Nail Design ...
I love the use of really bright colors on these nails. That pink coral is something else!



Seahorses Via Delight In Nails: Summer Challenge ...
Seahorses are so cute that you can't do ocean nail art without them.


Grey Background

Grey Background Via Lane's Lacquers: Fingerfood Theme Buffet: ...
The gray with pastel colors is so cool, don't you agree?


Super Shiny and Sparkly

Super Shiny and Sparkly Via images.search.yahoo.com
I can't even imagine how long this took to finish. It's jus the right amount of shine and sparkle too.



Embellish Via Lit from Within: Pirate Nail ...
I don't know how long that octopus would last on my nails, but I sure love the way it looks!


Shiny Silver

Shiny Silver Via Nail Art - Beach
A shiny silver background is ideal for nail art of many kinds.


Happy Sea Creatures

Happy Sea Creatures Via Animal Print Nail Art
I totally dig how the animals are all smiling. So cute!


Cute Little Guy

Cute Little Guy Via Summer Tokidoki Seahorse by Linda ...
Admit it - this seahorse is making you smile.


Realistic Look

Realistic Look Via brilliantnail.se
These animals are some of the most realistic I've ever seen on nail art.


Schools of Fish

Schools of Fish Via Challenge Your Nail Art: Sea ...
If you're really good at painting small things, you'll love this design.

How often do you do nail art? Have you ever tried sea creatures? I bet you want to give it a chance now, don't you?

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Amazing!! I wish I had that kind of talent!😃

Love all those coulors

SO cute!

Very fabulous, gorgeous, dazzling, stunning, terrific, fantastic and beautiful sea creature nail design

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