7 Superb Tips on Doing Nail Art for Clumsy Hands ...


7 Superb Tips on Doing Nail Art for Clumsy Hands ...
7 Superb Tips on Doing Nail Art for Clumsy Hands ...

There are new and super cool nail art looks all the time, but if you’re clumsy of hand like I am, you’ll want to read up these tips on nail art especially for ham-fisted hands! I love the look of nail art, but I’m not in love with the fact that they require perfectly still hands! If you’re raring to try out some nail art looks but hate how they turn out, read on for some useful tips on making it work!

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Start Simple

No matter whether you have clumsy hands or not, you always want to start out simple when doing nail art. It’s not often that someone can go from never picking up a dotting tool or brush and creating fantastic works of art! We all want to challenge ourselves but in the case of doing nail art, start with something you’re comfortable and confident in doing. Creating dots with a toothpick or a drawing on some lines might sound boring but are fairly easy to do and look good!


Make a Blueprint

One of the great tips on nail art that’s somewhat underestimated is to create a blueprint of your design. Especially when it comes to clumsy hands, it’s helpful to try and draw out your vision before you start painting. This way you can get a preview of what it looks like and if you have a lot of trouble drawing it out on plain old pen and paper, you might want to try a less intricate version.


Nail Stickers/Strips

Another tip on nail art that you can easily do while you’re still experimenting is to use nail art strips like Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects or Sephora’s Nail Bling. Obviously you can use the kind with designs in lieu of doing any nail art or you can use them in addition to doing nail art. I always have a hard time waiting for everything to completely dry so I end up smudging the base color. With nail polish strips, you don’t have any drying time so you can quickly start your nail art on top of a solid color or do something in addition to them on accent nails!



A fabulous nail art tip that you’re probably already aware of is using tape to create straight lines or make a perfectly straight French tip. In case you haven’t heard, grab some regular old tape and use it to create a line, separate two colors or use craft scissors to create a fun edge like scalloped or jagged edges. If you’re going to use it on top of a nail that’s already painted, stick the tape on your hand and peel off some of the excess glue first so it doesn’t peel off your nail polish. You can also find thin nail striping tape to create thin lines and other cool linear designs!


Water Marbling

There’s a lot more to doing nail art than just brushes, stickers and dotting! If you have a hard time keeping a steady hand to draw, why not try water marbling? Water marbling can create stunning swirls of color on your nails and while it can be messy, it’s a great alternative to traditional nail art that requires a lot of drawing and painting. All it takes is tape, room temp water, a few bottles of nail polish, a toothpick and a cup.


Watch and Learn

In order to learn different techniques and designs, this next nail art tip suggests that you check out various nail blogs and online tutorials. YouTube has awesome step-by-step nail tutorials as you can see from above and there are also blogs like The Beauty Department and of course All Women Stalk that can show you magnificent works of nail art!



I can’t stress this last tip on nail art enough, practice and practice some more! You can’t get better at something if you don’t practice and keep at it. Even if your first few nail designs look a little odd, so what?! You will get better with time and just because you’re not an expert at certain nail art designs doesn’t mean you can’t be a master at another element of it! You don’t have to be able to draw out all the members of One Direction on your nails to be considered good, you can be awesome at other aspects of nail art!

I hope these tips on nail art for clumsy hands provided you with some guidance on making nail art a little easier and providing you with some alternatives to conventional styles of nail designs. Nail art is a fab way to show off your creative side and complement your overall look. Do you have any tips on doing nail art for those of us with clumsy hands?

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7 Superb Tips on Doing Nail Art for Clumsy Hands ...Ooh!! :D may need a girly night in to try these :) (via Twitter)

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