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There’s nothing beautiful about ragged, torn up skin around your fingernails, so tips for caring for your cuticles are something you definitely need. You might not give much thought to your cuticles, but when they aren’t in top shape you probably feel the pain. Torn cuticles really smart, that’s for sure! So, here are several tips for caring for your cuticles. Use them and I promise that your fingers will never look more beautiful.

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Don’t Cut

One of the most emphasized expert tips for caring for your cuticles is to never cut them. Most nail techs and skincare doctors will say the same thing. Not only can cut cuticles look unattractive, but they are designed to protect your nail bed. Without them, you run the risk of an infection in the area, which is never going to be fun.


Push Them Back

You never want to cut your cuticles, but many dermatologists say it’s fine to push them back, provided you do it properly. Most experts recommend using a tool designed for pushing your cuticles back. When you do push them, do so gently so you don’t tear or otherwise injure the cuticle as you do the job.


Moisturize Regularly

Cuticles are made out of skin so it goes to follow that you can generally care for them the same way you do the rest of your skin. That means rubbing a good moisturizer on a regular basis. This will keep your cuticles hydrated, soft and healthy so that they always look their best and are as healthy as they can possibly be.


Use Acetone Free Nail Polish

I paint my nails all the time, but traditional nail polish remover can really do a number on your cuticles. And the polish has to come off eventually, right? The answer is to choose non-acetone nail polish remover. It doesn’t cost any more than the regular kind, but it will help prevent your cuticles from getting dried out, which makes it more likely that they’ll split or crack.


Stand up for Yourself at the Salon

Sometimes a manicurist gets a bit rough pushing back your cuticles. Obviously, you should never let her cut your cuticles, but if she gets too vigorous when she pushes them, stop her and ask for a gentler treatment. If it’s a recurring problem, you might want to find a new manicurist to do your nails for you.


Wear Gloves

Not all the time, of course. But most dermatologists suggest wearing gloves when you wash dishes or clean your house. Dish soap and cleaning products can be really hard on your skin, including your cuticles, but wearing gloves offers protection that keeps them healthy and hydrated. A pair of rubber gloves is all you need – they don’t cost a lot and can be found at any supermarket or drugstore.


Don’t Bite

For many people, biting the nails or cuticles is a nasty habit that is very hard to break. However, it’s not good for your cuticles to have them in your mouth all the time. Not only can you damage them and leave the area susceptible to an infection, but your hands aren’t always that clean and could harbor germs that will make you sick if they get into your body.

Do you have any other tips for caring for cuticles? Have you ever had any issues with yours?

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