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I'm always looking for great ways to hide a chipped manicure. No matter how hard I try or what polish I use, I always chip at least a few nails in the first few days. It's not bad with light colors, but I love bold colors. Luckily, I've discovered seven simple ways to hide a chipped manicure without having to start over. With these, no one will ever notice a chip again.

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French It up

This is personally one of my favorite ways to hide a chipped manicure. Since most chips happen along the edge of the nail, why not turn your manicure into a French manicure? Grab a second polish to complement your current color. Brush on a thin tip on the edge of each nail. Suddenly, you have a cute new look and your chips are nowhere in sight.


Add Some Glitter

I'm addicted to glittery polishes, so I have a variety of glitter colors. After getting a chip near the center of my nail, I added several glitter dots to each nail. Believe it or not, it looked amazing. I got compliments for days and no one realized it was just a cover up. You can also use a light glitter coat over lighter polishes to mask any chips.


Add Some Bling

I adore cute gems on nails. They add just the right amount of sparkle plus, they're perfect for covering chips. Depending on which ones you use, you may need some clear polish to help them set correctly. Get creative and make patterns or just add one or two larger gems to each nail. Suddenly, you go from standard manicure to a sophisticated, blinged out one.


Patch It

If you did your own manicure, you're already set for this solution. If not, grab a polish that's as close as possible to your current color. Dab a Q-tip in nail polish remover and smooth the edges of the chipped place. Let your nail dry, wash thoroughly and apply a two layers of polish to the chipped area. The new polish should just barely touch the existing polish. The result is a seemingly flawless nail. Only those who look super closely will notice.


Add Stripes

You can do this with just the chipped nail, several nails or all your nails. You'll need a nail polish pen to make it easier. Get a color that's darker than your current polish. Add several stripes to the nail. One of the stripes will cover up the chip. You can align the stripes however you want. I suggest doing this on at least two nails – the chipped one and the same nail on your other hand.


Grab Stickers

Okay, so this is probably the absolute easiest way to hide a chip. No painting required! Get some nail art stickers and apply over the chip. Depending on the stickers you get, you may need to apply a top coat to avoid any peeling. This solution takes less than 20 seconds per nail and that's if you have a hard time getting the sticker off the sheet.


Clip the Edge

If all else fails, you can always clip the edge of your nail. Of course, this only works if the chip is on the edge of your nail. Clip only what you need to remove the chip. If it's just a small chip, no one will notice your nail's just a hair shorter than the rest. Immediately follow up with a protective top coat to prevent any additional chipping. This seals off the new edge of your nail and basically lets you start with a clean slate.

Chipped nails aren't a reason to panic. It's easy to hide the offending chip and in most cases, your nail will likely look even better. The next time you get a chip, embrace it and look at it as a chance for a new look. What are you favorite ways to hide a chip?

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