7 Top-Notch Tips for Classy Nails ...


7 Top-Notch Tips for Classy Nails ...
7 Top-Notch Tips for Classy Nails ...

Nice nails are a must if you want to look well groomed. Nothing says classy like a set of perfectly manicured and polished nails! If you´re aiming at a classy look, there are several points to bear in mind in order to achieve nice nails. So here are some tips for classy nails …

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Quality Polish

The first of my tips for classy nails is to use a good quality polish. Cheaper polishes are fun to experiment with, but they don´t last as well as better quality brands. Some things are definitely worth paying more for! Buy a couple of colors from a good brand and you´ll find that the color lasts much longer before you need to reapply.


Careful Application

When you want nicely groomed nails, it´s essential to take your time in applying the polish. Just like with mascara, you can guarantee that if you rush it when putting on polish you will make a mess of the application! So always apply carefully and slowly, and allow enough time for it to dry. And have a cotton bud soaked in remover on hand in case of smudges!



For really nice nails, it´s important to prepare your nails in the same way that you cleanse and prime your face. So give your nails a thorough manicure before getting on to the polish. Firstly, clean off all traces of old polish. Then tidy up the cuticles. Finally, file your nails with a good quality emery board, and they´ll be ready for some lovely new polish!


Color Choice

Classy nails require a careful choice of color. Luminous green may be fun for clubbing, but it couldn´t possibly be described as classy! This is one case where it pays to be conservative in your choice. So stick to colors like deep red, silver or soft pink. And forget nail art – this is no time to be creative!


Chip-Free Zone!

One of the most important tips for classy nails is that there must be absolutely NO chips! As soon as that polish chips, it´s time to reapply. Don´t try touching it up, as it will be obvious. Remove the polish, and start again with a new coat. It won´t take too much time if you only need to redo one nail, but if necessary do the full set again.



As I said before, your nails need preparation just as your face does before applying makeup. For a lasting and smart polish, you must apply a base coat, which also protects your nails from staining. Once the color has dried add a top coat, and your nails will stay looking stunning for longer.


Gentle Treatment

If you want to keep your nails looking great, then it´s essential to avoid any manual tasks. The two things simply do not mix. When you have beautifully manicured and polished nails, keep them that way by being very careful and above all, don´t use your nails as tools!
Nice nails take a bit of looking after but it´s worth the effort. You feel so smart and elegant when you have perfectly shaped nails with smart polish! Make sure that you feed your nails with lots of hand cream in between polish applications, so that they stay in good condition. Do you have any other tips for classy nails?

Top Photo source: marzenavigni.blogspot.in

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If you don't have a base. Coat then can you just use you top coat as your base coat?

That's what I do hun

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