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Make Your Polish Even Prettier with These Different Shapes to File Your Nails ...

By Alicia

Nails can be that extra something special about you. It’s a unique way of adding to your beauty. Having beautifully manicured nails gives a good impression, saying that you take pride in your appearance. And you can make your polish even prettier by filing your nails into one of these unique shapes.

1 Oval

Oval There are many different shapes that you can file your nails in. The first four in this list are the most common. While any woman can wear any shape of nail, there’re certain nail shapes that’re more easily achieved by following the natural curvature. It’s a good idea to look at your nail and see what shape it tends to be. Your nail bed can give you a good hint as to the natural shape of your nails. Oval is one that’s common.

2 Round

Round This is the shape that my nails naturally grow into so it’s the shape that I file them into most often. You can wear any shape you desire but going with the way your nails tend to naturally shape is easier. There are no rules for what colors look best on what nail shapes. It’s all about what you love. However, round nails do seem to look lovely with neutral colors.

3 Square

Square I’ve always loved this shape of nail and wished that it was my natural nail shape. It can be obtained but it may not be done as easily as wearing your nail filed into it’s natural shape. Both square and squoval nails are beautiful choices for sporting French tips. These are the two most popular nail shapes. They’re generally the shapes worn most in acrylic nails, too.

4 Squoval

Squoval The squoval nail shape can best be surprised as a square nail with the corners rounded just a tad. It’s not too incredibly hard to achieve this nail shape in filing. There are some amazing guides available online to give you some hints and tips for all of these nail shapes. It takes some time to achieve the shape you want but it can be worth it. Well-manicured hands are always the recipient of compliments.

5 Almond

Almond The almond nail shape appears just as you would guess, in the shape of an almond. It’s rounded at the nail bed and then tapers up to a bit of a point at the top. This is a good choice if you’re going for something a little different. It’s an easy shape to achieve with a basic nail file. It’s always best to file your nails in one direction to prevent them from splitting and having ragged edges.

6 Stiletto

Stiletto Now, you’re definitely getting into more adventurous territory. The stiletto nail shape mirrors the shape of a stiletto heel, long and tapered. It’s like the almond shape but longer with a sharper point. You can search for images of this nail shape to give you a visual guide. This nail shape looks pretty with bright or bold colors such as tangerine, violet or fuchsia.

7 Lipstick

Lipstick The lipstick shaped nail is not for the faint at heart. If you’re the type of girl that’s always ready for a dare when it comes to fashion or beauty then it may be the right choice for you. It can best be described as having the shape of a lipstick that’s been used into a dramatic point. It has two corners with one being higher than the other. This nail looks gorgeous when decorated with some glitzy accents.

These are 7 nail shapes that can make your polish even prettier. Which one do you normally wear? Which ones are you feeling inspired to try?

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