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45 Awesome Reasons to Try Neon Nail Art ...

By Eliza

It's not the 1980s anymore, but neon colors are back in a big way. Fortunately, they are different from back then. Neon colors have come a long way and you can totally use them to create some epic nail art. Now that summer is rapidly approaching, you will love how these bright fun colors will complement all your summer clothes. Here are all the ideas you've been looking for.

1 Polka Dots

color,finger,nail polish,nail,nail care, Source: Beauty Trends That Are Definitely

Ria and #28 😍😍...

2 Break a Glow Stick and Put in Clear Nail Polish

color,blue,nail polish,finger,nail, Source: 10 Rocking Nail Polish Designs

3 Palm Trees

nail,finger,pink,nail care,manicure, Source: 28 Colorful Nail Art Designs

4 Pink and Yellow Ombre

color,nail,finger,pink,yellow, Source: dndang‘s Instagram posts •

Angel how do you do that...

5 Bright Chevron

nail,color,finger,green,yellow, Source: Nail art Inspiration Full Art

6 Neon Rainbow Tie Dye

color,finger,nail,hand,manicure, Source: DIY nail art: 14 Summer-perfect

7 Neon Flowers

China Glaze,color,purple,violet,nail, Source: Spring Daisies | Nail art

8 Two Awesome Ideas

color,nail,finger,blue,purple, Source: Hot Summer Nail Art Tutorial

9 Dots and Ombre

nail,color,finger,pink,nail care, Source: Red, White & Blue

10 On the Tips

color,nail,finger,pink,nail care, Source: Fantastic Nail Art

11 Neon Watermelon

nail,color,finger,green,nail care, Source: Nail Escapades: Polishers Inc

12 All Swirly

color,finger,nail,pink,hand, Source: Manicure Monday Archives - Mod

13 Add Some Glitter

color,nail,finger,pink,hand, Source: Items similar to You're Turning


color,nail,finger,blue,purple, Source: EDC Week: Most Creative Rave

AMANDA this is so cool i wish i could do this. ...

15 Circles All over

color,nail,finger,nail polish,nail care, Source: I Feel Polished!: Circle Manicure

16 Neon Rainbow

color,nail,finger,nail polish,nail care, Source: Mani Monday: Neon Rainbow Nail

17 Lines and Hearts

China Glaze,color,nail,pink,finger, Source: INK361 - The Instagram web

18 Neon Tips with Sparkle

nail,color,finger,green,nail care, Source: 20+Mind+Boggling+Neon+Nail+Art+Ideas

19 Glammed up French Manicure

color,nail,finger,pink,nail care, Source: 32 Beautiful Summer Nails Ideas

20 Line It up

color,nail,finger,green,yellow, Source: 22 Fun Nail Art Tutorials

21 Every Nail a Rainbow

color,nail,finger,nail care,green, Source: Neon Nail Art!

22 Neon Animal Print

color,finger,nail polish,nail,nail care, Source: Nails by Kayla Shevonne: Obnoxiously

23 More Animal Print

China Glaze,color,nail,finger,pink, Source: 10 Neon Nail Art Ideas

24 Ombre on Each Nail

color,nail,finger,nail polish,pink, Source: DIY nail art: 14 Summer-perfect

25 Pink and Turquoise

nail,color,finger,pink,blue, Source: Polish All the Nails: Brace

26 Neon Crazy

nail,finger,nail care,pink,purple, Source: Neon Crazy - Trends &

27 Neon Yellow

finger,nail,green,yellow,hand, Source: 15 Ideas to Make a

28 Neon Beach Nail Art

nail,finger,green,nail care,nail polish, Source: 30 + Inspiring Beach Nail

29 Neon Dots on Each Nail

nail,finger,nail care,green,nail polish, Source: 30 Easy Nail Designs for

30 Water Marble

color,pink,purple,nail,finger, Source: Southern Sister Polish: Water Marble

Heidi What is the color of the hat pink polish in the bo...

31 Matching Toes

color,nail,finger,nail care,manicure, Source: 19 Amazing Rainbow Nail Art

32 Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

color,finger,nail,green,yellow, Source: Serum No.5 Swatch & Review

33 Rainbow Feather Nails

color,finger,nail,beauty,eyelash, Source:

34 Inspirations on Your Nails

Light,nail,finger,hand,manicure, Source: PiggieLuv: Look what I made

35 Petal Power

color,finger,nail,hand,easter egg, Source: @JesiMuchx3 | nailap

36 Totally 80s

nail,color,finger,nail care,pink,

37 Search Lights

nail,pink,finger,hand,magenta, Source: PinspiratioNAIL - '80s Striping Tape

38 Hawaiian Tropical Print

nail,color,finger,blue,yellow, Source: Summer Neon Nail Hawaiian Tropical

39 Every Tip a Little Different

nail,color,finger,nail care,manicure, Source: neon - Nail Art Gallery

40 Neon Rainbow Colored Geometric

nail,color,finger,pink,yellow, Source: A Different Shade of Polish

41 Neon Purple

color,nail,finger,nail care,nail polish, Source: Xx

42 Matte Finish

color,pink,nail,finger,nail polish, Source: Top 10 Fabulous Ombre Manicures

43 All Melted

nail,finger,pink,nail care,nail polish, Source: INK361 - The Instagram web

Erin & #44...

44 Checkerboard

color,toy,rubik's cube,food, Source: Easy Nail Art Designs

45 Triangles

nail,color,finger,manicure,hand, Source: Triangles & Néons - Didoline's

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