7 Easy Nail Art Designs for Lazy Ladies ...


Are you tired of your plain, solid colored nails? Well, then it's about time to try something new, don't you think? You don't have to shell out cash at a nail salon every single time you want to pretty yourself up. There are plenty of easy nail art designs that even the laziest of ladies can master, and here they are:

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DIY Dice

DIY Dice All you need for this adorable look is some black polish, white polish, and a bobby pin. Start by coating your nails with whichever color polish you'd like. Once they dry, grab your bobby pin and dip the little ball on the end into the other colored paint. Now dab your nails with it and you'll look fabulous!


Diagonal Diva

Diagonal Diva Grab some scotch tape and you'll open yourself up to a world of possibilities. In order to get a diagonal look, place a piece of tape across your nails. That way, when you start painting, you won't have to worry about getting polish in the wrong area. Once you've finished with the tape, peel it off, grab your bobby pin to make dots, and add a bit of sparkle by drawing a line across your nails.


Cutesy Crisscross

Cutesy Crisscross Here's more proof that tape is a girl's best friend. If you create thin pieces, you can place them all over your nails. In order to get this look in particular, start by painting your nails black, apply the tape, and then use blue polish over it all. When you remove the tape, you'll see the black crisscrosses that make this design so gorgeous.


Lady Lightning

Lady Lightning There are plenty of places where you can buy a nail art pen. Once you have one of those, creating designs will be easier than you ever thought possible. In order to create this look, you have to paint your nails purple, wait for them to dry, and then use a yellow nail art pen. If you're shaky while using your non-dominant hand, ask a friend for a bit of help. They can't screw this one up.


Relying on Reinforcements

Relying on Reinforcements You know those circular reinforcements that you use for your binder paper? Well, they have more than one use. Paint your nails one color, allow them to dry, then stick the reinforcement over the bottom of your nail and paint with a new polish. It'll work just like tape does, except reinforcements will give you a fun new design.


Birthday Balloons

Birthday Balloons This one is a little more advanced, but you can still handle it. Start by painting your nails white. Then grab a few fun colors and paint the bottom of your nails with it. Once you do that, all you need to do is create the string, which is basically just one little line. You can do it!


Little Legos

Little Legos This one looks super difficult, even though it's pretty easy to do. All you need is to grab a few glitter pieces and apply them with nail glue. Once they dry, paint over them with bright colors. It's that simple.

Don't skimp on your nail routine. Creating these designs will only take up a few minutes of your time, but they'll make sure that you get compliments for days. What's your favorite color to paint your nails?

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