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I'll admit it - I have no skill when it comes to nail art. I always see such fantastic ideas, but could never replicate them on my own nails. If you're in the same boat, stripes are a design that is super easy to make and you can do them in a bunch of different ways. Up, down, side to side, slanted - there are loads of ways to make striped nail art that lets you create a cool look without the frustration of other patterns. Don't believe me? I think this list will change your mind.

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Chevron Stripes

Chevron Stripes Via 15 Fashionable Nail Ideas You
A tiny paintbrush is all you need to make cute chevron stripes on your nails.


Slanted Lines

Slanted Lines Via Friday Favorites
One motion up and one motion back down and you can get this look. Easy, right?


Only on One Nail

Only on One Nail Via 15 Pink Nail Arts You
One nail painted different than the others is super trendy, so this would be a great way to practice your stripe making skills.


Purple and Black

Purple and Black Via 10 Cute and Easy Nail
The contrast of colors here really make the stripes pop.


Barbie Pink Nails with Stripes

Barbie Pink Nails with Stripes Via 15 Pink Nail Arts You
Here's a fun way to combine striped nail art with your love of glitter.


Glitter Stripes

Glitter Stripes Via 14 Awesome Manicures That Use
Use glitter to make sparkly and girly stripes that you'll want to look at again and again.


With Rhinestones, Gems, Pearls and Studs

With Rhinestones, Gems, Pearls and Studs Via Nail Art Trend: 43 Studded
Take those stripes to the next level by decking them out like this.


Nautical Stripes

Nautical Stripes Via 33 Easy Nail Hacks For
Looking for something a bit more neutral? Nautical blue is the perfect choice.


Every Which Way

Every Which Way Via 15 Cute Nail Art Ideas
Don't let yourself be restricted to just one direction of stripes. Paint them in all directions if you want to!


A Pop of Red

A Pop of Red Via 7 Super-Cute Manis to Welcome
The red color really makes the blue and white stripes stand out. Awesome!


Several Patterns

Several Patterns Via 20 + Gel Nail Art
Here's what I love about this: there are two kinds of stripes, but there's also some solid nails to balance things out.


Blues and Reds

Blues and Reds Via 28 Colorful Nail Art Designs
It's cool how the striped nails are all a little bit different, but the color scheme is cohesive.


Pastel Colors

Pastel Colors Via Nails: Pastel nails trend and
Pastel colors are perfect for spring, but you can rock this idea any time of the year by mixing and matching your favorite colors.


Hearts and Stripes

Hearts and Stripes Via 16 Killer Valentine’s Day Nail
You can never go wrong combining your stripes with hearts. Fun!


Cool Stripes

Cool Stripes Via Cool Stripe Nail Designs
If you're like me, you prefer that all your nails look the same. Here's a great way to do it.


Bright Colored Paint Stripe

Bright Colored Paint Stripe Via
On the other hand, if you like each of your nails to look a little bit different, this is the choice for you.


Opposite Patterns

Opposite Patterns Via Nail Tape Art Ideas!
This is cute because the pattern is the same, but the opposite color effect looks cool.


Lots of Impact

Lots of Impact Via 30 Easy Nail Designs for
Colors on opposite ends of the color wheel make for some great looking stripes.


Purple All over

Purple All over Via 610,958 hotels worldwide. Book
You can never go wrong painting your nails purple!


Grey and Peach

Grey and Peach Via Stripey grey and peach nails
Looking for a new color combination? Grey and peach are going to do it for you.


Matte Black with Shiny Black Tips

Matte Black with Shiny Black Tips Via Cool Stripe Nail Designs
Mixing the matte effect with the shiny one gives these nails just the right amount of drama.


Ombre Effect

Ombre Effect Via Bio Seaweed Gel for The
I like how the stripes create the ombre look without being to bring and garish.


Striped Rainbow

Striped Rainbow Via TUTORIAL: Rainbow Water Marbled Lightning
Every day is going to be fun when you paint your nails like this. Don't you agree?


On the Ends

On the Ends Via 35 Blusteringly Beautiful Nail Designs
Painting stripes just on the ends of your nails is a fun new idea that I think you're going to like in any color.


Rhinestone Bow

Rhinestone Bow Via INK361 - The Instagram web
I can't for the life of me figure out how they get those bows to stay put, but I love how they look.


Sun and Stripes

Sun and Stripes Via 10 Amazing Spring Nail Designs
Wouldn't this be a fun idea for summertime days laying on the beach?


Simple and Feminine

Simple and Feminine Via 16 Examples Of Disney Nail
If you're looking for something understated, but still girly, I think this is the look you should try.


Up and down, Side to Side

Up and down, Side to Side Via - Official Philadelphia Eagles Store
I love how the stripes are all the same color, but one nail goes in a different direction. Cool!


Cute Polka Dots and Stripes

Cute Polka Dots and Stripes Via 25 Cute Polka Dot Nail
Polka dots are also pretty easy to make and mixing them with stripes is a really fun idea.

Have you ever done striped nail art? Do you have any tips for getting it right?

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Cool stripes also 😋

Purple all over 😦💞💞💞💞💞

I use nail glue when I want to put a bow on my nails :)

The grey and peach reminds me of my Nan's bedroom, back in the 80's. 😄

Love the glitter stripes 👌✨

Going to try out 17 😊

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