7 Best Nail Art Decals ...


7 Best Nail Art Decals ...
7 Best Nail Art Decals ...

I remember using nail art decals when I was younger, but they’re still popular today! Plus, the designs have gotten so much better and more sophisticated! The application process is still super easy and they’re quite inexpensive too! If you want to add some pizazz to your look, you should definitely try these seven nail art decals!

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Mustache Nail Decal Stickers

Mustache Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

This one had to top my list of best nail art decals mostly because it's such a great deal! The price is pretty darn good considering you get about eighty stickers! There are also two different sizes, to fit even your smallest fingernails! The trend with mustaches has been growing in popularity. Personally, it’s not a trend that I’m interested in, but I’ve seen other girls totally rock the look!


Eiffel Tower Nail Decal Stickers

Eiffel Tower Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

You get twenty of these cute Eiffel tower nail decals! Show your love for France by decorating your fingers and toes with this glam design! These stickers work similar to temporary tattoos! All you have to do is cut out the design, submerge it in warm water, then apply to your nails! It’s as easy as that!


Lipstick Kiss Nail Decal Stickers

Lipstick Kiss Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

Pucker up, ladies! These lipstick kisses are totally sexy! Place a decal on one of your nails for a cute accent nail or place them on all of your nails for an intense look! You get twenty decals for this low price and they come in different colors and puckers! This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Music Nail Decal Stickers

Music Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

These nail decals would be perfect if you play a musical instrument or if you just love music in general! These decals are full nail decals and they have a clear background, so you can paint whatever color nail polish you want underneath the decal and it’ll shine through!


Black Bow Nail Decal Stickers

Black Bow Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

I love these little bows! They’re perfect for French manicures! They come in two sizes, so they're perfect for both your fingers and toes! Plus, there’s no water needed to apply these decals. All you need is to peel off the backing and place directly on your nail. Press into place, top with a clear top coat and you’re good to go!


Little Blue Bird with Pink Floral Nail Decal Stickers

Little Blue Bird with Pink Floral Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

I love these nail decals because they’re so intricate! The details are insane! The bird just adds to the beautiful floral design! These also have a clear background so you can use any nail polish color you want underneath the decal!


Heart Nail Decal Stickers

Heart Nail Decal Stickers etsy.com

These are perfect to put on one nail, all of your nails or to layer more than one on one fingernail. They can be so versatile! Plus, they come in so many different colors that you can choose from! You also get three packs of these decals – that’s enough to make six manicures!

Nail decals are so versatile and easy to apply. They only take a matter of seconds and can add some personality to your look. Do you like any of these nail decals, ladies? Or do you have another one that you prefer? Or would you rather work free hand to create nail art designs?

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Oops mustache

On youtube, there is a channel called cutepolish which has many amazing nail art, including the moustache and the lipsstick one.

@ZiggyCupcake I'm not a fan!!

I want mustache nails. :O And the black bows are cute, too!

Hi Stephanie, thanks for posting my NAILTHINS Black Bows and Eiffel towers!! I want to mention NAILTHINS are not water slide decals. I think you mention that on the photo of the Black Bows, the Eiffel design is the same. No water needed! Thanks for the love!! Smiles, Jenny @ NAILTHINS!

I like the black bows and the birdies!

So cute! Never knew about them :D

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