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Fun Summer Pedicure Ideas to Make Your Feet Stand out ...

By Lisa

Now that sandal season is in full swing, it's time to give yourself a rad pedicure to match! Now solid colors are cool for pedis, but sometimes you want to switch things up and try something new. Maybe you want to DIY it or take some photos with you to the nail salon for some inspiration. Get your toes summer ready with these instagram-worthy pedicures below!

1 Neopolitan

nail,finger,toe,leg,nail care,Source: Latest Fashion Beauty Tips Health
Pastel colors are so fun and they're sure to make your toes stand out.

2 Daisy

nail,finger,manicure,leg,nail care,Source: Cute and Easy Toenail Art
How cute are these daisies against the solid blue polish?

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3 Jeweled Flower

nail,finger,blue,nail care,nail polish,Source: Look up Amazing Pedicure Design
A simple yet summery accent.

4 Polka Dots

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand,Source: Polka dot toe nails
Polka dots will always be in style and what an easy way to spice up your toes!

5 Gradient

nail,finger,leg,hand,mouth,Source: Skinny Mom Spring Fresh Mani’s
I love the gradient effect along with the jeweled accent toe.

6 Anchor

Badminton,nail,finger,nail care,pink,Source: 20 Instagram Nail Designs for
Get nautical with stripes, polka dots, and an anchor design.

7 Pink & White

nail,finger,pink,leg,toe,Source: 20 Instagram Nail Designs for
Super girly and fun for a day at the beach!

8 Colorblocked

nail,finger,nail care,purple,pink,Source: 10 Colored Nails You Must
More pastels! I love the silver stripe which makes the colors stand out even more.

9 White Flower

finger,nail,hand,manicure,leg,Source: white foot nail - Nail
I like how simple yet detailed this pedi design is.

10 Glitter French Pedicure

nail,finger,blue,toe,leg,Source: Pictures : The Trendiest Toe
These colors really remind me of the ocean!

11 Palm Trees

nail,finger,nail care,green,manicure,Source: 90+ Amazing 3D Nail Art
Doesn't this remind you of a T-shirt design?

12 Matching

nail,finger,color,pink,purple,Source: My Nails - NailFeed
Hey, there's nothing wrong with matching your mani to your pedi. Especially when it's bright and cheery like this!

13 Glitter Gradient

nail,finger,nail care,blue,green,Source: A Fresh Take On February
This is another fairly easy way to jazz up your toes. Just add some glitter polish and you're set.

14 Candy Colors

nail,finger,nail care,toe,leg,Source: silverdaydreams
Sweet pastel colors with a dash of gold glitter.

15 Sunflowers

nail,finger,leg,yellow,hand,Source: Top 10 Nail Art Ideas
Sunflowers are a cute way to add some color and this is a great subtle design.

16 Mermaid

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,hand,Source: Easy Fall Fashion Trends 2015/2016
Tell me this doesn't remind you of a mermaid toes!

17 Baseball

finger,toe,leg,nail,foot,Source: Simple Nail Designs for Beginners
Baseball is one of the top summer sports so why not show your love on your toes?!

18 Tribal

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,leg,Source: Nail Designs
Even if your sandals are plain, this tribal design will elevate your look.

19 Black, White, and Bows

nail,finger,nail care,leg,toe,Source: Fashion Bat
This design reminds me of Hello Kitty and lace!

20 Rainbow Dots

nail,toe,finger,leg,foot,Source: TheGloss
An easy design for nail art beginners and it's so cute!

21 Kaleidoscope of Colors

Autograph,finger,nail,nail care,pink,Source: Top 10 Lovely Summer Nail
This pedicure is so bold and bright, love it!

22 Florals

Banahaw Heals Spa,nail,finger,pink,hand,Source: Spring Beauty Round-Up - Tina
Love how the pink flowers pop against the black and white stripes!

23 Neon

nail,finger,nail care,manicure,leg,Source: 26 Cute Toenail Art Designs
A great thing about neon polish is that they make you look tan!

24 Pink and Gold

nail,finger,nail care,toe,leg,Source: Assortment of Anchor Toenail Decals
The gold and pink against the nude looks summery and sassy.

25 Jewels

footwear,shoe,leg,sandal,spring,Source: INK361 - The Instagram web
How charming are these jewels against the coral colored polish?

26 Multicolored Stripes

finger,nail,face,leg,toe,Source: 26 Cute Toenail Art Designs
Striped accent nails are so fresh and fun.

27 Watermelon

nail,color,finger,pink,nail care,Source: 12 Lovely Ideas for Your
Celebrate the return of watermelon season with this cute design.

28 Cascade of Color

color,nail,finger,nail care,yellow,Source: 20 Popular Summer Nail Desings
Such a pretty display of color!

29 Anchors Away

nail,finger,manicure,nail care,leg,Source: 12 Nail Art Ideas For
Patriotic and perfectly polished.

30 Tropical

color,nail,finger,toe,leg,Source: Tropical toes DIY Nail Art
For those who aren't a fan of super bright nail colors, this is the perfect balance.

31 American Flag

toe,nail,finger,leg,foot,Source: Top 10 Lovely Summer Nail
Perfect 4th of July pedicure!

Now that you've seen these dazzling pedicure designs, which will you choose? Let us know below!

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