The Most Creative Uses for Nail Polish You'll Ever Try ...

As much as I love painting my nails, I’ve always wondered if there are other uses for nail polish other than making my hands and feet look prettier. Turns out, there really are tons of other uses for nail polish that we might not realize. Both clear and colored nail polish have really handy uses that you might not expect. If you’ve amassed quite the collection of nail polishes over the years, why not try out some of these convenient and creative uses for nail polish?

1. Cover up Car Nicks

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Covering up chips or nicks on your car is one of the uses for nail polish that I’m most familiar with. My husband uses my black nail lacquer to touch up spots on his more car than I’ve used the polish on myself. Black is an easy color to cover up since there aren’t too many varying shades of it, but if your car or truck is any other color, make sure you test it out first.

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