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The Most Creative Uses for Nail Polish Youll Ever Try ...

By Lisa

As much as I love painting my nails, I’ve always wondered if there are other uses for nail polish other than making my hands and feet look prettier. Turns out, there really are tons of other uses for nail polish that we might not realize. Both clear and colored nail polish have really handy uses that you might not expect. If you’ve amassed quite the collection of nail polishes over the years, why not try out some of these convenient and creative uses for nail polish?

Table of contents:

  1. Cover up car nicks
  2. Give your accessories a makeover
  3. Seal envelopes
  4. Threading a needle
  5. Color code
  6. Customize
  7. Fix scuffs

1 Cover up Car Nicks

Covering up chips or nicks on your car is one of the uses for nail polish that I’m most familiar with. My husband uses my black nail lacquer to touch up spots on his more car than I’ve used the polish on myself. Black is an easy color to cover up since there aren’t too many varying shades of it, but if your car or truck is any other color, make sure you test it out first.

2 Give Your Accessories a Makeover

If you have some older accessories that you don’t wear anymore, don’t donate or give them away just yet. Not when you can make them over by painting them with some nail polish! It might sound a little crazy, but painting the faux jewels on some earrings, necklace or rings really gives it a nice facelift and it’s almost like you have brand new jewelry.

3 Seal Envelopes

Don’t lick another gross envelope when you can seal them with ease with just a bottle of clear nail polish. This method is supposed to seal them so good that even the old trick to open an envelope over a steaming kettle won’t work. If you’re planning on sending out a lot of invitations or Thank You cards, keep this tip in mind. If it’s rainy where you are, you can also apply some clear polish over mailing addresses so that they don’t smear.

4 Threading a Needle

If you have trouble threading needles and who doesn’t, just dab some clear nail polish on the end of the thread or dip the thread into the bottle-whichever is easier. Clear nail polish can also help keep shoelaces from coming unraveled. If you want to have some fun with it, you can always use bright nail polish to coat the ends of your shoelaces.

5 Color Code

One of the nail polishes uses I’m sure you’ve heard of before is to color code your keys. I love that trick because not only are your keys colorful, they’re also so much easier to tell apart. But keys aren’t the only thing you can color code. You can use it to mark labels, the tops of nail polish or tubes of lipstick that all look the same. I’m sure there are other things you own that looks really similar to your sibling, friend or roommate’s and you can easily give yours a quick coat of color.

6 Customize

Another fun thing you can do with nail polish is to customize stuff like your phone charger, phone case, stationery, your bobby pins, pretty much anything you can think of. If you have glow in the dark nail polish, it makes things even more interesting and as a plus, you’ll be able to find things easier in the dark. You can also use it to customize your wine glasses or paint something pretty on the outside of drinking glasses.

7 Fix Scuffs

If you have some scuffs or spots that are worn on your boots or shoes, you can easily fix it up with some nail polish. Again, you’ll want to test out the color before you go to town on your shoes. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to the scuff. You can also do the same for furniture or cracked or chipped ceramic items.

Did you know about these uses for nail polish? I mainly knew about the older ones like fixing a run in your stocking or painting costume jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing or getting that nasty green ring on your finger. Do you have any creative uses for nail polish that you’d like to share?


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