7 Nail Polish Colors for the Holidays ...

Nail polish colors for the holidays are fun and festive and work for parties, church and any other event you plan to attend this year. You can’t go wrong with your classic pink colors, but the holidays are a fun time to experiment with other shades to give your entire look a new personality. Nail polish is available in a wide range of prices, so you can stock up on all these nail polish colors for the holidays without breaking the bank. Check them out for your most memorable holiday yet.

1. Silver

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Silver is one of the best nail polish colors for the holidays. No matter which celebration you enjoy, silver is sure to give some sparkle to the occasion. Slick on silver polish for your office party or services on Christmas Eve. Silver comes in a range of shades, from very light to really dark and some even have glitter for even more festiveness this year.

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