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Let's be honest, a good manicure can make any girl feel like she's really got her life together. That's why it's so important to keep your nails nice and polished! If you've been lacking in the nail-art creativity department, fear no more! These seven Instagram accounts are sure to give you some inspiration:

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Jessica Washick

Jessica Washick Jessica's Instagram bio reads, "U don't need a man. u need a manicure." AMEN! Already, Jessica seems like the perfect person to be giving nail advice. Her adorable designs on @jessicawashick will have you wishing she could be YOUR personal nail artist!


Britney Tokyo

Britney Tokyo If you like your nails to reflect pop culture, @britneytokyo's your gal. She does just about everything and you'll fall in love with her Instagram feed, I promise you!


Chelsea King

Chelsea King Chelsea's a genius with a nail pen! She always creates such beautiful designs - stuff I wouldn't even be able to draw on paper. LOL! Follow her on @chelseaqueen!


Karen Gutierrez

Karen Gutierrez Karen is a manicurist for stylish celebs like PLL's Shay Mitchell and TVD's Kat Graham! She's always sharing her creations and designs on @karengnails so make sure you're following her!


Miss Pop

Miss Pop For some simple but statement-making ideas, follow @misspopnails! She's always posting such great designs that would look great with any/every outfit!



VALLEY Nails This NYC nail salon will provide you with nail art inspo for days! They're constantly posting photos of their latest creations and if you can't make it to them, just try recreating the style yourself! Follow them on @valleynyc.


Lexi Martone

Lexi Martone If you're a fan of quirky 3D nail art, Lexi's the one to follow. With nearly 40,000 followers, Lexi's always in the know about the latest nail trends! Follow her on @leximartone.

What's YOUR favorite nails-related Instagram account to follow? Share the names in the comments!

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You shouldn't forget @gabbysnailart

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