Which Nail Design is Perfect for You?

By Lyndsie

Which Nail Design is Perfect for You?

Ever find yourself waffling over what you want to do with your nails when you're at the salon or picking a design to DIY? Maybe you just haven't found your One True Design yet. Maybe you've found it but you don't realize it. Maybe it isn't what you think it is, or it's just time to try something new. Whether you like acrylics, use shellac, or paint your natural nails, there's still a perfect pairing for you. Bet we can tell you what it is, too.

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french mani :)

Same as Megan!

I also got just a solid, chic polish. =) That's me, lol.

Chic simplicity

love those nails

Solid polish. Yup! That's me :)

I got that I like simple solid shades. Which is absolutely correct!

It said that I love the chic simplicity of a striking, solid polish. I wear elegance well, but i'm daring enough to try anything from timeless red to trendy mint.

Mine said color, but I prefer nudes or French manicures, maybe because I didn't like the cupcake selection, hair choices, or style icons. Random.

Chic simplicity

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