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43 Nail Tools for the Best Manicures and Nail Art ...

By Neecey

Doing your own nails rather than going to the salon is such fun. It's also cheaper but only in the long run, because if you want to be successful and replicate the fabulous designs you see on Pinterest and You Tube, you do a few bits and pieces other than nail polish and nail files. Want to build your own nail bar at home? Here's a few things you might need - some basic/some professional standard.

Table of contents:

  1. 25 in 1 professional nail art uv gel kit
  2. Kmashi pw gel nail polish uv light dryer
  3. Ostart nail art tools - set of 3
  4. Acrylic powder false nail tips dappen dish small cleaning brush tools kit
  5. Electric manicure pedicure nail polish drill file kit with bits for gels,acrylic,natural nails
  6. Crystal dappen dish
  7. Acrylic false tips practice display round wheel board
  8. 4pc stamping tools set
  9. 10 pcs wearable nail soaker acrylic polish remover tool
  10. 125pc phototherapy 36w uv lamp nail art tool set
  11. Sally hansen nail art tool
  12. Manicure sponge nail art stamper tools with 5pcs
  13. 11 in 1 nail art kit
  14. New 16 colors nail art pens
  15. Nail style studio tool kit
  16. 7pcs diy nail art stamping image tools kit
  17. Battery electric nail art grooming gel acrylic tip tool with 5 drills
  18. Nail art acrylic desiccant primer gel
  19. Quick-drying nail polish spray
  20. Super nail diy art steel stamping plate
  21. Set 8 manicure pedicure nail care kit
  22. Flower shaped false nail art tips
  23. 5 nail art strip manicure tapes
  24. Fruit middle finger toe separator

1 25 in 1 Professional Nail Art UV Gel Kit

Price: $45.29

2 KMASHI PW Gel Nail Polish UV Light Dryer

Price: $17.79

3 Ostart Nail Art Tools - Set of 3

Price: $2.75

5 Acrylic Powder False Nail Tips Dappen Dish Small Cleaning Brush Tools Kit

beauty_channel on eBay
Price: $25.99

6 Electric Manicure Pedicure Nail Polish Drill File Kit with Bits for Gels,Acrylic,Natural Nails

Price: $37.81

7 Crystal Dappen Dish

Price: $3.16

8 Acrylic False Tips Practice Display round Wheel Board

Price: $2.50

10 4pc Stamping Tools Set

Price: $3.99

14 10 Pcs Wearable Nail Soaker Acrylic Polish Remover Tool

Price: $0.99

20 125Pc Phototherapy 36W UV Lamp Nail Art Tool Set

JasmineSunnyHouse on Etsy
Price: $44.99

21 Sally Hansen Nail Art Tool

Price: $4.99

22 Manicure Sponge Nail Art Stamper Tools with 5PCS
Price: $2.99

23 11 in 1 Nail Art Kit

Price: $11.58

24 New 16 Colors Nail Art Pens

yao-presence125 on eBay
Price: $0.99


Perpetual Kid
Price: $24.99

29 7PCS DIY Nail Art Stamping Image Tools Kit
Price: $5.32

31 Battery Electric Nail Art Grooming Gel Acrylic Tip Tool with 5 Drills

JoyFulDaysSupplies on Etsy
Price: $8.40

32 Nail Art Acrylic Desiccant Primer Gel

Price: $4.10

33 Quick-drying Nail Polish Spray
Price: $2.75

34 Super Nail DIY Art Steel Stamping Plate
Price: $3.10

35 Set 8 Manicure Pedicure Nail Care Kit
Price: $4.89

37 Flower Shaped False Nail Art Tips
Price: $4.16

38 5 Nail Art Strip Manicure Tapes
Price: $4.89

41 Fruit Middle Finger Toe Separator
Price: $1.89

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