7 Great, Budget-Friendly European Nail Polish Brands to Get Acquainted with ...

European nail polish brands you can save on is always a great discovery in my book. Nice price, availability and the fact that all EU polishes need to be at least three-free – what’s there not to like, right? Brace yourself fellow polish-holics, time to discover a new, fun European nail polish brand today! Hope you live here, have some relatives to take your order or at least have a trip to Europe planned in the near future, because these following brands are so worth checking out:

1. Catrice

Country of Origin: Germany

If you’ve heard about Essence, you’ll most definitely want to meet its big, sexy sister Catrice, a.k.a a European nail polish brand I can’t not recommend! These polishes are not only very reasonably priced to begin with, they have crazy sales pretty much all the time too and, if this doesn’t convince you to give them a try, the sheer number of dupes and special effect top coats might!