9 Most Creative Celebrity Nail Polish Designs ...

Beauty trends are starting everywhere with these creative celebrity nail polish designs! Hollywood A-listers never hold back when it comes to making a fashion statement and I’m glad! Their beautiful fashion risks are a great help in knowing what’s in and what’s out. Take a look at some of the most creative celebrity nail polish designs and find your next manicure!

1. Mod Manis

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The retro-inspired tips are totally in right now! Zooey Deschanel, the hipster queen, has been seen rocking this look on the red carpet! The look is really simple to create. With the color combo of white and black, the designs are endless! Use a striker brush to do your designs: polka dots are always a fun addition! I love rocking this look with a simple outfit because it’s a cool and funky pop! This is definitely one of the most creative celebrity nail polish designs.

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