7 Best Nail Polish Colours for the Holidays This Year ...


7 Best Nail Polish Colours for the Holidays This Year ...
7 Best Nail Polish Colours for the Holidays This Year ...

With so many shades it’s hard to decide what the best nail polish color for the holidays are. Well it’s time to put away your fall palette of colours and start bringing out your holiday collection. If you don’t have any particular colours that you use for the festive season, try one of these 7 nail polish color for the holidays 2013!

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DARK FOREST GREEN A dark, forest green will be the perfect mix between your all year edginess and the gleeful season, plus it’s a great nail polish color for the holidays. Green is synonymous with pine trees and Christmas so it’s an obvious colour for the holidays. Going several shades darker is a great way to change up the usual green. I like to use Essie’s Stylenomics!



RICH BURGUNDY Just like green, red is often associated with Christmas and the holidays, but it’s also been overused and outdated. Drift away from the orthodox red and go for burgundy. It’s still in the same colour family but it’s a lot more chic! Try OPI’s Sleigh Ride for Two.



CHIC NUDE A nude nail (as in a nail polish that is the closest match to your skin colour) is my favourite look all year around... especially with long, square shaped nails. Something about a nude nail screams «rich girl» to me. Your nails will look polished and holiday ready. It’s hard to suggest a nude polish since we all have different skin colours but I personally use Rimmel London’s 464 Cafe Au Lait.



PASTEL BLUE Feel like accessorizing your nails with something this season? What about the pale, blue skies on a sunny, winter morning? Pastel blue, or any shade of blue really, is the staple colour of winter so you can’t go wrong! I recommend China Glaze’s Isle See You Later.


Pastel blue is an essential colour for the winter season, and China Glaze's Isle See You Later is the perfect nail polish to get the look. The pale blue shade is reminiscent of a clear winter sky and will look great on any skin tone. It's a great option for a holiday party or a night out. The polish is also long-lasting and chip-resistant, meaning your nails will look great all night long. It's also easy to apply and remove, so you can get a perfect manicure in no time. With its subtle colour, Pastel Blue is the perfect nail colour for the winter season.



COOL MINT Another colour perfect for the cold weather is mint. It’s proven to be a popular colour all year around and what better time to wear it when the weather is at its coldest. I especially like mint as a nail polish because there’s such a youthful and fresh feel to it! What not try Revlon’s Minted.



WARM PINK If cool or rich colours aren’t your thing and nude is too plain for you, opt for a classic colour like a warm pink – it’s not bright like hot or neon pink but it’s not pale like a sheer pink. It’s a great way to add colour to your nails while staying on the safe side. Plus it radiates warmth which is perfect for the holidays. Check out Covergirl’s Timeless Rubies.


Warm pink is a hue that finds a delightful balance, hitting just the right note for those who seek subtlety with a touch of warmth. This versatile shade works seamlessly with a variety of skin tones, and it's subtle enough not to clash with your festive attire. When choosing a warm pink, look for options with a creamy finish that offer a sophisticated, grown-up take on this playful color. It's the kind of polish that's effortlessly elegant, whether you're unwrapping gifts or holding a champagne flute. Pair it with a gold accent nail for a touch of holiday glitz.



GLITTERY GOLD If you are the traditional girl who loves red, green and everything Christmas then you have to go for a glittery gold polish! It just screams the holidays, from ornaments to wrapping paper. Plus, your hands will be the superstar of your next Christmas party. If you’re looking for a glittery gold polish, try Essie’s Hor’s D’oeuvres!

An outfit isn’t complete until your nails are painted so try one or all of these colours! Nail polish is a great way to accessorize your outfit as well as get in to the festive mood. What are some of your favorite holiday nail polish colours?

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