7 Amazing Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram ...

I always like to recommend nail artists to follow on Instagram to my friends. Nail art is becoming a bigger trend than ever before. I know I always feel complete when my nails are done but when they’re done to a T I feel like a politician right before elections... I just need to shake everyone’s hand to show off my fingertips. Anyways, here are 7 amazing nail artists to follow on Instagram!

1. Sparrownails

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Sparrownails is one of my favourite nail artists to follow on Instagram. I especially like Sparrow Nails by Darcy Sparrow because this account introduced me to a lot of nail polish brands I was unfamiliar with before. I also discovered some new types of nail polish via Sparrownails like thermo nail polish, holo glitter, glow in the dark polish, and more! What I like the most about Sparrownails is her posts vary from complicated nail designs that I would never dream of duplicating to simpler designs that are worth trying with the right equipment.

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