7 Spring Nail Polish Collections You Shouldn't Miss ...


7 Spring Nail Polish Collections You Shouldn't Miss ...
7 Spring Nail Polish Collections You Shouldn't Miss ...

Spring nail polish collections and holiday specials are my favorites, so you can imagine how happy I am to welcome a brand new season. And judging by spring 2013 nail colors I’m going to share today, the waiting has paid out! Check them out- you’re sure to find your next favorite spring nail polish collections right here!

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China Glaze Hologlam

China Glaze Hologlam Amazing, amazing, amazing! This is one of my favorite spring nail polish collections and the one I’ve been waiting for the most! Oh and great news for all of OMG collection fans – Hologlams are really decent and aren’t as pricey either! Check them out – they are finally available in Europe and, I hope, other parts of the world, too! If not give them a week or two then check again.


OPI Euro Centrale

OPI Euro Centrale They are modern, they are urban, bright but not too crazy – OPI’s new spring nail polish collection is, without a doubt, a great choice! Three fantastic shimmery shades, 8 creamy, dreamy colors and a glittery top coat just to give us one thing more to experiment with. A must see, for real!


CHANEL Printemps Precieux

CHANEL Printemps Precieux But why go through the pain of choosing amongst a dozen of awesome shades, always feeling like you should have gotten more, when you snag a trio and know there are no other shades to tempt you? Chanel is making it easier for you ladies with three gorgeous spring 2013 colors you won’t be able to resist!


Lovely Collection by Zoya

Lovely Collection by Zoya Oh my gosh! I must tell you ladies, my first thought upon seeing this collection was, “Lovely is such an understatement!” Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, adorable collection of pastels to counter this gloomy weather and make you think about sunshine, flowers, butterflies and ice cream! One more reason for me to feel disappointed for not being able to find a Zoya shop here. My loss is your gain, though, so don’t let this fab collection slip between your fingers!


Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights by Revlon

Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights by Revlon In case you’re not interested in spending a lot of cash on a nail polish, you can definitely check Revlon’s collection out – it’s affordable yet the nail polishes are really superb! Add amazing colors to that equation and you’ve got yourself a winner. Beautiful pastels for day chic plus sexy, sophisticated shades to keep your nails looking classy regardless of where you're heading. Thumbs up!


Trendsetter Collection by L’Oreal

Trendsetter Collection by L’Oreal L’Oreal isn’t going to give you a whole lot of options this year, but then again, these six amazing shades are pretty much IT- no need to add anything or confuse us with a whole lot of options. Pastels and brights and a whole lot of room for creativity, who could want more? I want them all by summer!


Essie Spring Collection

Essie Spring Collection Last but not least – a fabulously neutral spring nail polish collection even the super conservative will adore. Three fantastic, office-friendly colors to fuel your nail polish addiction despite the office dress code and three gorgeous fun shades to make you look forward to weekends even more. See? I told you there is a good reason for my undying love for Essie!

What do you think about these spring 2013 nail colors? Are you going to go for something fun and bright, opt for something juicy and sassy, stick to lady-like neutrals and pastels or shock and awe with holos?

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Love the Essie Colours

Where the heck are the pics? Jeez


Where are the pics???? Hmmmmmm

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