7 Budget-Friendly Dupes for the Most Coveted High End Nail Polishes ...


7 Budget-Friendly Dupes for the Most Coveted High End Nail Polishes ...
7 Budget-Friendly Dupes for the Most Coveted High End Nail Polishes ...

High end nail polishes might be every polish-holic’s guilty pleasure but are not THE only thing that can help you get those trendy, runway inspired nails! The truth is that you can enjoy all of those beautiful, trendy colors without the huge sacrifice, all thanks to alternatives to high end nail polishes called dupes! No need to go looking for a needle in a haystack, either – check out these following popular nail polish dupes for those oh-so-trendy but unfortunately pricey colors that have marked the past few seasons.

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Chanel Peridot – OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

Chanel Peridot – OPI Just Spotted the Lizard Some high end nail polishes are so unique and fascinating that you can’t help but feel the need to buy them regardless of the steep price. Like Chanel Peridot, for example, now there's one hard to resist polish right there! No need to break the bank though, as OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard looks the same yet doesn’t cost as nearly as much! You’re not losing anything, either, as these two aren’t just similar – they are absolutely identical!


Chanel Paradoxal – Revlon Perplex

Chanel Paradoxal – Revlon Perplex Their names are very similar, but what about the colors? Well, many side by side comparisons have revealed that Revlon’s polish is, in fact, a Chanel Paradoxal dupe and, as such, is a great choice if you want this particular violet-plum shade in your collection but would rather choose not to pay too much for it. “Go for Revlon,” nail polish junkies advise, pointing out how the color difference between Paradoxal and Perplex is too small to tell!


Dior Tutu – Essie Good Morning Hope

Dior Tutu – Essie Good Morning Hope Too hot and new for official dupes, Dior Tutu, a lovely girly rose, is a perfect spring color! Want to get this look for less? Try Essie’s Good Morning Hope – a shockingly similar, only a tad bit darker pink that has so far proven to be the best match. Essie's formula isn’t opaque, unfortunately, although you can add a layer of milky white polish to brighten it up and get better coverage. Give it a go, can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air – Revlon Whimsical

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air – Revlon Whimsical Speaking about popular nail polish dupes – here’s one super cute chunky glitter polish you might have heard of! Its large round flecks in a very pale blue base will help you pull off a perfect, totally interesting yet quite delicate manicure in just two coats! The only downside is the price! Why not try drugstore brand Revlon instead? It’s perfect dupe, called Whimsical, will prove to be a great, budget-friendly, not to mention easy to find alternative for your new, fun manicure.


Chanel Diwali – Revlon Gold Coins

Chanel Diwali – Revlon Gold Coins This limited edition high end nail polish definitely has a lot of fans all around the globe! How could it not – such a beautiful gold foily color, plus the fact that it ended up being the shade Chanel decided to use for the runway… a sure recipe for “sold out before you know it”! You can still get it in most countries despite its Limited Edition label but I urge you to try a Revlon dupe first! They are almost identical (if we leave the price tag aside) and some even claim Revlon chips less! How cool is that?


Chanel Holographic – Gosh Holographic – Nfu Oh 61

Chanel Holographic – Gosh Holographic – Nfu Oh 61 Discovering popular nail polish dupes isn’t about the price only! And while I can’t help but agree that Chanel is the most expensive one, I do have to admit I’ve added these simply because I know how difficult it is to find this super popular silver holo. Worry not, ladies, because these three have been swatched and tested and peeped at by many eyes, only to be mentioned as best substitutes. And if a stunning holographic polish is what you need, feel free to opt for whichever is available and easy to find in your country.


MAC Mean and Green – Orly Space Cadet

MAC Mean and Green – Orly Space Cadet Discontinued for quite a while only to become a part of MAC’s permanent line, Mean and Green is one of those breathtaking duochromes that, like Peridot, have a power to convince you to empty your wallet yet still hop merrily all the way home! Application of this one is nothing to brag about, unfortunately! Why not give the next best (or the first best, as some claim) a go? Orly Space Cadet, for example, is an absolutely perfect dupe, doesn’t cost as nearly as much yet applies easily and stays perfect longer.

What other super popular nail polish dupes can you think of and is there a special high end nail polish alternative that is saving you a bunch on a pretty much daily basis? Do tell!

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