7 Awesome China Glaze Nail Polishes You Should Get if You Can Find Them ...

China Glaze nail polishes have become so popular through the years because of great colors like the ones listed here. I love reading nail and nail color blogs and getting caught up in the excitement of a new collection. For the most part, for a modest amount you can purchase China Glaze nail polishes. Just watch out for the discontinued and hard to find shades, because those can easily go for $50 or more at auction.

1. Sea Spray

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From the great nautical themed Anchors Away collection introduced in spring 2011, this is my favorite of all the China Glaze nail polishes. Sea Spray is a greyed out blue crΓ¨me polish that applies flawlessly in 2 coats. There’s just a bit of melancholy in this polish and because of that, I see it as the perfect end of summer shade.

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