7 Trendy Nail Polish Colors You Absolutely Must Try Now ...


There are a ton of trendy nail polish colors out there now, so if you want to try something new, now is the time to do it. Adding fun colors to your look is a great way to inject personality into your style. If bright colors are a little too much for you on your clothing, your nails are a super alternative. You can add some color to your life without feeling uncomfortable. And, even if you do love to wear bright colors, trendy nail polish colors are still fun.

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Green Whether it’s mint green or deep, dark green, this is one the of top trendy nail polish colors and you can see it all over the place, from the drugstore to the nails of the supermodels on the runway. No matter which shade you prefer, a set of green nails is a fun way to jazz up any style, whether you’re a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl or you prefer sweaters and leggings.



Turquoise Who doesn’t smile when they see turquoise? It happens to be my favorite color so I love putting it on my nails. It looks great with neutrals, but it’s also fun to mix it with a bright pink sweater or a purple dress. Turquoise comes in several shades from the classic Tiffany color to shiny, metallic turquoise. Stock up on several so you can try out different looks with all your favorite outfits.


Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Think the color of your favorite pair of dark wash jeans. If you love dark colors on your nails, but can’t imagine going black, try midnight blue instead. It’s easy to pair with most of your clothes and it’s perfect for girls of all ages. Try it with jeans and a sweater or use it to offset your favorite brightly colored work suit. Choose a version with a bit of sparkle or shine to help bring out the true color of the polish.



Grey If you think it’ll make you look like you’re dying to have grey nails, you should try it out and see. I wear grey all the time and I think it looks great with all skin tones. Grey is a fun way to pair neutral nails with fun outfits without having to use black. Grey comes in several shades and you can find it with glitter or shine. Whether you go matte or glossy, grey is a super trendy nail color you’re bound to see all over the place.



Burgundy Red is a pretty timeless nail polish color, but deep, dark burgundy is one of the top trends for the 2014 season. It looks wonderful against any skin tone so any girl can achieve the look of this color. It’s especially dramatic against lighter skin. Use burgundy to add some personality to your work clothes. Put it on your toes too (even if it’s winter) and you’ll smile every time you see them.



Cream White nails might make you look sickly, unless it’s just the tips for a French manicure. However, a great cream color is one of the most popular up and coming nail polish trends. Go for a glossy bottle of polish because the matte versions can look a little strange.



Yellow I’ve been seeing yellow nails all over the place. Sometimes it’s pastel yellow and other times it’s neon or bright crayon yellow. It’s a great color to pair with navy blue or grey in your clothing, so go ahead and give it a try. You’re sure to have a manicure that will give you a sunny attitude and fun outlook on the day.

What’s your favorite nail color? Do you like trying new trends? Remember – nail polish isn’t permanent, so if you don’t like it, just take it off and try something else.

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Love love love HOT PINK!!!!!!!!

Colors are awesome

Hot Pink

I just grew out my nails sp I luv dis

I Just Had " My," Toes Polished, With " ESSIE," Green, As I Absolutely LOVE It~ A MUST HAVE!!!!

Wow those colors are great!


I love these colors!

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