7 Edgy Manicures to Rock on Your First Date ...


When it comes to rocking edgy manicures on your first date, YouTube is definitely your best bet. There is a large variety of channels that feature intricate or simple designs to help you get ready for your next outing. I love how accessible DIY nail manicures have become (not to mention the amount of money saved by flying solo). Whenever my friends gush over how amazing my manicures come out, I secretly pat myself on the back for being an "awesome" nail guru. With these phenomenal and edgy manicures, you'll be able to do the same!

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Black & Neon Water Marble Nail Art

I am obsessed with edgy manicures that are also creative. From all of the contrasting colors to the bright hues, this black and neon water marble nail art by YouTube user "My Simple Little Pleasures" is positively mind blowing! If you're skeptical about all of the bright shades, stick to two for a design that will really pop.


Gwen Stefani Inspired Nail Art

Who wouldn't want to have nails like the oh-so-fabulous Gwen Stefani? I love how effortlessly chic this manicure is; from the angles to the dual tones, everything about this nail art screams sophistication and style. "HannahRoxNails" did an absolutely superb job of recreating this look. The clean lines, followed by the colors complementing each other, make this manicure a great choice for date night!


Black and White Water Marble Nail Art

I am totally in love with "Meliney's" twist on water marble nail art (which is currently trending in the nail world). From the interesting shapes to the contrasting dots, this bold look is perfect for those nights when you're feeling a little bit flirty. I can't get over how amazing this design turned out.


Saran Nail Wrap Manicure

The fact that "Demelza's World" was able to add all of that detailing in the blink of an eye makes it even more phenomenal. She definitely has a keen eye for picking colors that compliment diverse skin tones.


Stone Marble Nails

I think that this technique is the coolest thing since sliced bread. This manicure by cutepolish is very cool to attempt. After applying, make sure to use a top coat to give it that extra shine.


Chalkboard Nail Art

I am completely obsessed with everything in this next look by cutepolish. If you're not afraid to show off your flirty side, this bold yet elegant look is right up your alley. I love the fact that most of the supplies can be substitued for household items. After applying a top coat, you're all set to show off your fabulous nails!


Feather Nail Art

Lastly, this manicure by elleandish // Janelle may seem difficult at first but is really simple to copy. From the glitter to the pearls, everything about it is very chic. Not only is it totally easy to recreate, it's also budget friendly and versatile enough to rock with any outfit. Applying a base coat beforehand will allow for a smoother finish, as well as protect your nails from becoming brittle.

I wish I had half the talent that all of these fabulous artists have. From eloquent french tips to more sultry nail art, these manicures are perfect for spicing up date night. What manicure styles are you thinking of trying?

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