7 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails before Your Fingers Look like Nubs ...


If you are a nail biter, you may be looking for tips to stop biting your nails. Fingernail biting is an unfortunate habit that some of us develop as a way to calm our nerves. The results of nail biting are unattractive nails that may leave you feeling self-conscious. Nail biting can also make you more susceptible to germs and common illnesses. Stop the nail biting madness and apply these tips to stop biting your nails.

1. Keep ‘Em Pretty

While there are many great tips to stop biting your nails, the first has got to be to keep them looking good. I am far less likely to nibble my nails down to nubs if they are nice and pretty. I mean, who wants to mess up something that took time and money to put together?

Bitter Nails
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