7 of My Favorite Must-Have Red Nail Polishes ...


7 of My Favorite Must-Have Red Nail Polishes ...
7 of My Favorite Must-Have Red Nail Polishes ...

Must-have red nail polishes are a huge thing for every polish-holic. Because, hey, having just one red nail polish is like having just one pair of black pumps – great in theory, not so easy to do in practice. There’s the comfy choice, the trendy choice, winter choice and summer choice… so many interesting, must-have red nail polishes to keep your hands looking hot all year round. Style icons certainly have more than one and if you’re thinking about following their lead, you should definitely check these out:

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Essie Head Mistress

Essie Head Mistress The first of my must-have red nail polishes, Head Mistress is the polish I’ll probably stock up on just in case it ever gets discontinued. Because this is the most perfect true red in my book! Truer that True Red actually! Swatch it – the finish is so shiny it’ll give you a headache, it dries in a heartbeat and doesn’t even chip or wear out easily.


Essie Skirting the Issue

Essie Skirting the Issue This oh so gorgeously vampy polish looks almost plum on Essie’s swatch chart but is a must try, I promise! It’s actually a very posh-looking wine red (most definitely not plum) that will make your hands look pale, delicate and so royal-like that you’ll want to wear it all the time. Jelly finish is a super pro with this polish because it makes the color look kind of deep in a really cool way, pretty much like you’re looking through a wine-filled glass. And the shine! Oh, don’t even get me started on that!


China Glaze Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Ruby Pumps Time for us to start thinking about holiday manicures, lovelies! And while words aren’t enough to express my undying love for Essie, I have to admit I’d choose CG’s Ruby Pumps over Essie’s Ruby Slippers any day. This festive bright red comes heavily laced with the most gorgeous tiny ruby glitter, giving your manicure depth and a major dose of glam. Absolutely perfect!


Chanel Malice

Chanel Malice Oh la la! A fresh dose of Parisian chic coming right up! Chanel polishes tend to wear off my nails in like a nanosecond, which is why I rarely zoom in for the kill and only if a certain color proves too irresistible for me to pass. Well, this one definitely is worth the cash! A breathtaking, super chic wine with a perfect dose of luxe sparkles – what more could a girl ask for?! A glossy finish maybe? Well, you’ll get that too! The only problem with this polish is that it’s sold out in a lot of stores but hey, don’t waste your money on eBay – get Deborah Lippmann’s B!tches Brew instead because it’s absolutely the same, totally available AND cheaper!


Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever

Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever Red? Pink? Still not sure! This fantastic color is actually both, depending on the light and the color you choose to compare it with. In case you haven’t guessed by now, Raspberry Fields are hiding in the bottle number two and the fact that I’m wearing this color right now isn’t a lucky coincidence. Well, it is… but that’s only because I never hoped it would last this long. Five days in a row with only minimal, barely visible tip wear! Suck on that, Chanel!


Zoya Maura

Zoya Maura It may be a bit late for this gorgeous shade but oh well, add it to your wish list anyways. After all, a bright red such as this one can never go wasted. I just love the way it looks different depending on how tanned I get, changing from a bright, strawberry-like red to sort of a orangey red that I can only describe as beach-ready.


OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster

OPI I Mainely Eat Lobster You know how some Essie cream polishes have all of those super pretty fine glittery particles reflecting through the bottle and pretty much none of that is visible on the nail? Well, OPI won’t disappoint you one bit! This girly coral-red really shines bright like a diamond yet remains absolutely creamy indoors, allowing you to be classy and sassy, all at the same time.

Do you have your favorite red nail polishes, too? And how many polishes do you think a girl can have before this whole polish-collecting business starts turning into an addiction?

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Big red apple opi and the drummer is hot opi

You should try Sally Hansen Red Zing. Best red I have ever used

Essie "Head Mistress" is my all time favorite!!!

I love all these one I think you should try is from Loriel and it's called devil wears red I'm personally in love with it!

Love them all! <3

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