7 Manicure Mistakes That'll Make You Look like an Amateur ...


I love a fresh manicure! It’s a finishing touch that makes you feel put together, wouldn’t you agree? But there are some mistakes that make you look like an amateur that you want to avoid. No worries though! With these tips, no one will know if you did your nails or had them done professionally.

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Filing in Both Directions

Filing in both directions is a mistake that’ll show up later. When you file in both directions your nails will begin to split and weaken. It takes longer to file in one direction but it’s worth it when you don’t have to deal with splits in your perfect manicure a day later. You may be able to cut your fingernails and then just use a file for the finishing touches.


Neglecting Your Cuticles

Oh, cuticles. They can be trouble, can’t they? You should never cut them. Instead, use a cuticle stick to push them back. It makes such a difference in your manicure. In fact, if you take time to push your cuticles back then the end result will be that they’re hardly noticeable at all.


Skipping a Base Coat or Top Coat

Base coat and top coat are what give your manicure the professional look you’re going for. Base coat protects your nail from staining and also gives the nail an even surface for the color polish to cling to. Top coat gives your nails a shiny finish and helps to prevent chips from occurring. And if you’re thinking about all the extra time this will take, it’s truly not that much. You only have to wait 2 minutes in between coats and you can buy quick drying top coat.


Applying Your Nail Polish in Thick Coats

It can be difficult to control the flow of nail polish on the brush. You can wind up with more than you realize on the brush, which leads to thick coats. It’s better to apply in thin coats. Make sure you wipe one side of the brush off completely and you may even need to wipe a small amount off on the other side before you begin applying. It also works best to start in the middle of your nail and work your way outward.


Doing Your Nails Too Late at Night

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Doing my nails late at night always ends with nail smudges or the pattern of my blankets imprinted on them. It’s best to do them earlier in the day so they can have time to not only dry but also set. You want to be careful of other things that can ruin your manicure, too. One thing you want to avoid immediately afterward is anything that involves heat since nail polish can easily melt if it hasn’t completely set.


Not Giving Them Enough Time to Completely Dry

It takes time for your nails to dry. Using a quick drying top coat can help. Dipping your fingernails in ice water can, also. Coldness hardens the nail polish, helping it to set. Plan on giving yourself at least an hour after painting your nails before you do anything that could potentially smudge or scuff them.


Not Doing the Upkeep on Your Manicure

Even the best manicures require a bit of upkeep. Plan on giving your nails a coat of top coat every two days to keep them shining and chip free. This helps keep them protected. If you do get a chip, take care of it ASAP. With this bit of upkeep, your manicure can easily last a week or longer.

These are some mistakes that you can avoid making when you give yourself a manicure. What’s your best do-it-yourself manicure tip? I’d love to learn from you!

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Top coat after two days? After two days my nails are all chips.... :(

Especially in the summer a no chip manicure is a great way to sport a clean manicured look!

Nice pointers

I personally apply a layer of top coat the first 3 days and then skip a day before applying for the rest of the week. Definitely make sure you let your nails always dry completely before doing anything

pushing back cuticles make a huge difference!

Or just get your nails done professionally by a nail tech and have gel polish done.

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