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7 Awesome YouTube Nail Tutorials You've Got to Try ...

By Cassandra

I've recently gotten into the habit of painting different designs on my nails, leading me to scour the web for awesome nail tutorials;. Im so used to painting my nails charcoal grey or black that my friends are always shocked when I dabble in bits of color. There is something about a great manicure that will always leave me in a good mood. As I'm never one to turn down any opportunities for saving funds, I find perfecting the art of nail design to be an awesome DIY project. Here is a list of nail tutorials that make it easy for you to keep your nails looking healthy and quirky all in one sitting!

1 Cheetah-Licious – BargainPrincess

I am completely obsessed with anything and everything in animal print; if you know me, then it won't come as much of a shocker that this video by YouTube user “BargainPrincess” is one of my favorite nail tutorials for leopard/cheetah print nails. This bold design is extremely versatile and is sure to compliment any look!

2 Flowers and Stripes – Dee2102

Floral patterns have taken over the fashion world by storm and with easily achievable nail designs such as the one listed above, does this really come as a surprise? YouTube user “Dee2102” takes a classic floral design and adds a modern twist to it by painting the flowers over a beautiful black and white striped number.

3 Movember – Meliney

As a huge Charlie Chaplin fan, I am a sucker for the fabulous mustache trend that has been raging throughout the fashion industry. After watching this video, I was really excited to learn how to perfect this nail art. One of the biggest perks is that it is so simple to create as very little material is needed.

4 Mustache and Cupcakes – ProfessionalDQ

I'm sneaking in another mustache nail design because it is too fun and flirty to resist! This design by “professionalDQ” requires a few more nail art tools but after watching your nails glimmer in the sunlight, you will see that it is definitely more than worth it. This combo of silver, black and white comes together for an overall glamorous look!

5 Retro Film – HelloMaphie

Singer/Actress Zooey Deschanel has become known for sporting astonishing nails at her red carpet appearances. YouTube user “HelloMaphie” makes it easy for the public to imitate this particular design by Tom Bachik, Ms. Deschanel's nail technician. As a film aficionado, this retro film design certainly caught my interest.

6 Hues of Blue – LOVE4NAILS

I loved being able to replicate this design as an ode to Autism Awareness. The blue shades really come together in this amazing look by “LOVE4NAILS”. Check out her channel for even more glimmering designs!

7 Diverse – MissJenFABULOUS

Lastly, I'm impressed by how clear YouTube sensation “MissJenFABULOUS explains her step by step process for achieving these amazing looks. I love that this video features diverse styles for beginners. Are you ready to try your hand at these trendy designs?

When it comes to nail art, I am not ashamed to admit that I am an amateur. However, with the right amount of practice, I would like to perfect each of the looks listed above on my own before running for the hills (and the nail salon)! Are you thinking of trying any of these nail art tutorials? What is your favorite nail design to try?

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