13 Tips for Strong Healthy Nails in Winter ...


13 Tips for Strong Healthy Nails in Winter ...
13 Tips for Strong Healthy Nails in Winter ...

The seasonal chill can suck the life out of your skin, so save and spare your hands from the harsh cold weather effects with these tips for strong healthy nails in winter. With the winter chill in the air, keeping nails sexy and strong proves to be a challenge throughout the season. When the temperatures drop, exposure to the elements can mean dry, brittle nails easily prone to breakage and infection. Nurse your nails back to health this season with a little TLC from these tips for strong healthy nails in winter.

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Apply Moisturizer Regularly

Apply Moisturizer Regularly Hydrated hands are healthy hands and nothing works better for skin and strong healthy nails in winter than a daily moisturizer. In winter, skin and nails tend to become dry, cracked and rough so applying moisturizer regularly will not only help to save your skin but will also keep your nails protected with the nourishment they need to stay strong and healthy. Whenever you are applying cream to your hands, make sure to rub some into your cuticles and nail beds to keep them well hydrated and nourished throughout the season.


Drink More Water

Drink More Water Winter weather and indoor heath can be a combination that’s especially drying on the skin and can suck the hydration out of it. When nails lose the moisture they need they naturally become weak and frail causing easily damaged nails. To avoid this, particularly in winter, it’s important to stay well hydrated and the best way to do so is to drink more water. Doctors recommend drink at least eight glasses of water or more to stay properly hydrated throughout the day.


Massage Cuticles

Massage Cuticles When you’re not hydrating your nails with h2o, it’s important to massage your nails and cuticles. Make it a daily habit to rub Vaseline into your nails and cuticles or add a few drop of cuticle oil to strengthen your nails and prevent further damage from being done. Remember to only ever push your cuticles back as cutting them can lead to infection and damage your nails health.


Take a Break from Nail Polish

Take a Break from Nail Polish Give your nails some breathing room and time by taking a break from nail polish and your regular manicures. Some nail polishes contain chemlicals like acetone and formaldehyde that can erode your nails natural protein layer that helps to protect your nails. Applying polish too often can also cause nail discoloration, leaving behind an awful yellow tinge on your nails.


Eat Protein

Eat Protein When all else fails, look to your diet to improve the health of your nails. Eating a protein rich diet will ensure nails receive the necessary nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy. Because nails are made up of a protein called keratin, it’s important to consume protein filled sources for nails to grow. Excellent sources of protein such as lentils, beans, eggs, chicken and oats are essential to maintaining strong healthy nails, especially in winter.


Wear Gloves

Wear Gloves In the winter, wearing gloves not only protects your hands from the harsh cold and elements, they also spare your nails from becoming overly dry. The warmth and heat created from the gloves you wear outside during winter makes for soft and smooth skin, which your nails also like and appreciate. Wearing gloves inside as well can help to save your nails when doing housework or dish washing. The exposure to cleaning chemicals and excess water can dry out nails, leaving them brittle and easily breakable.


Avoid Polish Removers with Acetone

Avoid Polish Removers with Acetone Avoid any nail polish removers with acetone or formaldehyde as they are too harsh for nails and can cause nails to dry out, leaving them brittle and prone to breakage. Instead, opt for acetate formula removers to clean off your polish and leave behind beautifully hydrated and fresh nails. Switching up this simple step in your beauty routine can save your nails for healthier, stronger nails in the long run.


File Nails Correctly

File Nails Correctly Filing your nails incorrectly can cause a handful of problems and not to mention it can be painful. To keep your nails at their strongest and healthiest in winter, always file nails in one direction, not in a back and forth motion as this can cause breakage, peeling and further damage to your nails overall strength. Keep in mind that wet nails break more easily so it’s best to avoid filing directly after a shower or nail soaking. Remember to always file with a soft, flexible emery board and not a metal file as they can be too harsh on nails.


Paint inside of Nails

Paint inside of Nails Do you have clear nail polish? Take it and apply it to the inside of your nail. You only have to do this about once or twice a week. It’s a simple way to strengthen your nails without doing much work. You might as well try it!


Stay Away from Acrylic

Stay Away from Acrylic Acrylic nails can weaken your real nails. Although they look pretty, it’s best to refrain from getting them. You can look just as fabulous with your natural nails. Buy some gorgeous nail polish, and learn to steady your hand so you can create designs. It won’t be long until you’ll forget all about your obsession with acrylic nails.


Stop Biting

Stop Biting This may seem obvious, but never bite your nails. It’ll cause noticeable damage to them. It’s always difficult to get rid of bad habits, but this is one you don’t want to keep. If you want your nails to be healthy and look sleek, you can’t put your hands in your mouth. Buy a pack of gum in order to keep your teeth busy.


Don't Use for Rough Purposes

Don't Use for Rough Purposes If you need to tear open a package, use scissors. If you need to rip open tape, use a blade. When you use your nails in order to open items, it makes them weaker. They aren’t meant to do your dirty work for you. There are plenty of items around the house that you can use instead of your nails.


Buy Helpful Products

Buy Helpful Products There are plenty of products available that claim they can strengthen your nails. Believe it or not, some of them really do work wonders. Head to the store and find out what works best for you. A reliable product can cure you of weak nails in no time.

When the weather takes its toll, follow these tips for strong healthy nails in winter to restore and revitalize your tips and spare them from the cold. Don’t let your nails fall victim to winter frost, give your nails a little extra love and attention to keep them healthy and strong all season long. What are some of your tips for nail care in winter?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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Humidity, humidity, humidity. I live in a very cold Canadian climate in the winter where it can get very dry. In the summer, my nails grow like weeds and I have to constantly file them down to keep them under control, but in the winter, I have to use a warm steam humidifier to keep the humidity above 35 per cent to keep my nails from breaking. It's the only thing that works reliably. Even doing all of the things in this article (and I do) doesn't work if my home is too dry.

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