7 Tips on How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish ...


I love wearing sparkly nail polish as much as the next girl, but Iโ€™ve always had trouble trying to figure out how to remove glitter nail polish without making a mess and injuring myself in the process. It was such a pain to try to remove the chunky glitter nail polish with nail polish remover, that it seemed like a waste of time to even apply it. But luckily, I recently discovered these seven easy tips (listed below!) on how to remove glitter nail polish and I must admit that I wish I came across this idea sooner!

1. Buy Some Glue

This is the most important step for how to remove glitter nail polish quickly and easily. Donโ€™t buy just any glue, though. Gorilla glue or hot glue is not going to do the trick here. You need to use the white non-toxic Elmerโ€™s glue or a similar store brand.

Obtain an Empty Nail Polish Bottle
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