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Keeping your nails healthy is a step all girls should take. After all, no one likes a broken nail, right? There was a time in my life (high school) when I ate horribly and my nails paid the price. Once I grew into a responsible adult and started making better dietary choices, my nails quit being so brittle, they stopped peeling and they became super strong. That all adds up to fewer broken nails. Beautiful nails start by keeping your nails healthy, which is easier than you might think.

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Trim and File

Not only does regular trimming and filing of your nails get rid of brittle, damaged ends, but it also keeps them strong and looking great. Use a sharp pair of nail clippers and file in one direction only. Do this once or twice a week for the best looking nails in town. Who knew that keeping your nails healthy would be so easy?


Give Them a Break

I feel better when my nails are painted, but I also know that taking some time off from the polish is a good idea once in a while. Every now and then, take your nail polish off and let your nails breathe for a day or two. This is important for your toenails too. I know it’s hard to go unpolished, but I promise it’s for the best.


Nourish Them

In essence, your nails are just skin, but harder. For that reason, it’s a good idea to condition and moisturize them regularly. And it’s so wonderfully easy that you can do it effortlessly. Simply rub the nails and cuticles with a good lotion or hand cream a couple of times each day. Some experts swear by straight olive oil. You can just pour some into a container and soak your nails in the oil a couple of times each month.


Wash Them

I know that sounds kind of ridiculous because obviously you wash your hands several times every day. However, you may not realize that you’re skimping on your nails. Make sure you thoroughly cleanse beneath them at least once every day with a good nailbrush. That way grime and bacteria are cleaned out so you don’t have to worry about skin infections of fungus. Gross!


Don’t Bite Them

It can be hard to break this habit, but biting your nails leaves them ragged and uncomfortable. Not only that, but when you put your fingers in your mouth you can transfer nasty germs and bacteria, which can make you very sick. Plus, if you bite too far, it will hurt and might even leave you with cracks and wounds that the bacteria can get into and cause an infection.


Eat the Right Foods

Your nails rely on a healthy and well-balanced diet to ensure that you’re getting adequate amounts of the nutrients they need to stay strong. Of particular importance is protein, which you can get from lean meats, eggs, dairy foods, beans and nuts. Another vitamin you need lots of is Vitamin A. You can get it from apricots, broccoli and carrots. Calcium is also of utmost importance for ensuring that your nails stay healthy and strong. Milk, yogurt and cheese are great sources of calcium.


See Your Doctor

Anytime you notice something strange, get it checked out by your dermatologist. That includes dark spots under your nail, changes in the shape of your nails, thinning, bleeding or separation from the nail bed. Those problems could indicate a condition that requires treatment.

How do you keep your nails healthy? Have I given you anything new to think about? Which will you try first?

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Well I have super hard time with letting my nails grow. Since I was 15 I use to go and get my nails done (acrylic) and that was how my nails would grow. But they would break easily. 😫 it was a pain to take off and have them nourished.

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