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7 Useful Nail Care Tools You're Probably Not Using ...

By Lisa

If you want to give yourself the perfect at-home manicure, you’ve got to get your hands on some of these useful nail care tools! If you’re like me and need some help to get that set of perfect 10 nails, these tools will help get your nails looking and feeling like you just stepped out of a salon! Take a look at these nail tools and achieve your best-looking manicure yet!

1 Ridge Filler

One of the most useful nail care tools around is the ridge filler. I never knew what this was for so I never thought to look into it and try it out, but it’s now a must-have item for me! Ridge fillers help provide a smooth and even surface to paint your nails. So if you have a thin polish that shows every bump on your nail bed or you just want a flawless mani, enlist the help of a ridge filler!

2 Glass or Crystal Nail File

When you’re caring for nails, filing and shaping our nails is one of the most important tasks. Most ladies are accustomed to using traditional cardboard nail files; they’re cheap and disposable. But the truth of the matter is, you can do your nails a huge favor by employing the use of glass files instead. Glass files are reusable, easy to clean and they seal the keratin layers at the edge of the nail which helps prevent peeling and chipping!


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3 Cuticle Cream

We put our nails through a lot every day whether we realize it or not. And that means it’s very likely that we’ll damage our nails and we are not having that! One way to help keep nails strong and prevent damage is to keep our nails and cuticles moisturized with cuticle cream. Cuticle cream is affordable, easy to use and quick, so it makes caring for nails super simple!

4 Nail Polish Thinner

Most ladies own a ton of different nail colors, and while nail polishes tend to last up to a couple of years, they can get thick and goopy on us before their time. If you’ve ever had this happen to one of your beloved nail colors, not to worry, there’s a quick fix! Get yourself to the beauty supply store for a bottle of nail polish thinner and it’ll get the polish back to its original consistency.

5 Nail Care Lotion

If you like to give yourself a manicure, this next nail care item is essential! Nail care lotion helps moisturize and strengthen your nails and it helps smooth out cuticles. If you want that professional manicure look, make sure to use a nail care lotion that’ll keep hands looking healthy. Nail care lotions are typically combined with hand lotion so you can moisturize your hands and nails easily in one step!

6 Nail Brush

The last time I used a nail brush was years ago when I was still getting acrylic nails put on. Little did I know that the benefits of using a nail brush would stand the test of time! Nail brushes are used to clean the nails to get rid of bacteria, microorganisms and dirt. Even if you don’t get your hands visibly dirty, there are tons of invisible cooties that we don’t want on our nails! Gently scrub all sides of your nails with warm water and anti-bacterial soap for the cleanest hands around!

7 Nail Strengthener

If you have weak nails, nail strengthener can help you in so many ways! Nail strengthener can help transform fragile, brittle nails to harder and stronger nails that you can be proud of! All you have to do is apply thin coats of the nail strengthener every day and you’re on your way to a set of stronger and longer nails!

Most of us use only the most basic tools when caring for our nails, but there is a lot of value in adding some of these useful nail care tools into your supply! Do you use any of these nail care tools? What’s your favorite nail care product to get a perfect manicure?

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