7 Essential Winter Nail Care Tips to Know ...


7 Essential Winter Nail Care Tips to Know ...
7 Essential Winter Nail Care Tips to Know ...

Keep your pointers pretty and in tip top shape this season with these winter nail care tips! I don’t know about you, but I definitely see and feel a difference in my nails when it’s wintertime. Blame it on the cold air, drying heaters and overall moisture loss that make our nails weak and dry. But all hope is not lost, there are plenty of ways for us to combat the damaging effects of the coldest season on our nails with these simple winter nail care tips below.

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Cover up

Keeping your hands covered up is one of the best winter nail care tips I can give you. Even if your fingers aren’t freezing, keeping them shielded from the cold weather reduces damage. You can also take it a step further and slather on hand cream and wear cotton gloves while you sleep. You’ll wake up to noticeably softer, smoother hands in the morning. Don’t forget to wear gloves when you handle household cleaners and wash dishes, too!


Keep Lotion Handy

While you might not necessarily associate lotion with nail care, the two are related. Lotion helps keep your hands and nails moisturized so you are less likely to have hangnails, gnarly cuticles and brittle nails. Make an effort to moisturize your hands and nails after each and every time you wash your hands so they stay hydrated.


Lose the Scented Lotions

As much as I love scented lotions, the additives and chemicals in most lotions with fragrance can be drying. Instead of using a lotion, try out an ointment like Aquaphor. It is highly effective at keeping skin hydrated and creating a barrier between your skin and the environment. Although fragranced lotions can certainly be used on occasion, try to stick with fragrance-free creams for the most part.


Use Nail Polish Remover Sparingly

Overusing nail polish remover, especially in the winter, can be particularly drying to the nails. I know we all love our manicures, but try to limit using nail polish remover to once a week and use non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone polish removers are harsh on your nails, cuticles and skin and can strip your nails of their natural moisture. But whatever you do, don’t peel off your nail polish! Peeling and picking at old polish is bad news for your nails.


Read Labels

According to WebMD, urea, phospholipids and lactic acid are all ingredients to look for when you are shopping for a moisturizer. These ingredients are helpful in maintaining moisture and preventing damage to nails. Gently massage lotion into your hands and nails and remember to apply moisturizer to your cuticles even when you are wearing nail polish!


Be Gentle

You probably hear this nail care tip a lot, but it is undoubtedly worth repeating-go easy on your fingernails! Get in the habit of not using them as tools as well as avoiding biting your nails and picking at your cuticles. Doing so will only further damage your nails in addition to the abuse they get from the weather!


Eat Well

This is another common nail care tip that bears repeating; eat a balanced diet. You can help strengthen the health of your nails from the inside by eating a well-rounded diet containing foods that are rich in Vitamin B and protein. Reach for spinach, fish, bananas as well as lean poultry. You can also pop a biotin supplement which supports healthy skin, hair, nails and metabolism.

Now you know all that you need to know to for proper nail care. These tips along with good grooming habits will help keep your nails strong and healthy for many more seasons to come. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep your nails in good shape during the winter?

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