7 Easy Ways to Fix a Broken Nail ...


I want to share some stress-free ways to fix a broken nail. It’s such a pain when one of your nails splits or breaks. Plus, going through the pain of cutting it so short that it may bleed is a horrible process in itself. So, in order to reduce stress and pain when this nail mishap occurs, check out my seven easy ways to fix a broken nail, listed below!

1. Obtain a Tea Bag

The first of the seven ways to fix a broken nail is to find a tea bag. If you love tea as much as I do, you probably have a whole bunch of tea bags in your kitchen, varying from decaf to green, but, if you’re not a big tea drinker and don’t have any tea bags on hand, go and ask a friend for a few bags or pick up a small box of them from your local store. (And who knows, maybe you’ll end up acquiring a taste for tea!) It doesn’t matter what kind of tea bag it is – you’re not going to be using the tea leaves (unless you're an avid tea drinker). Just pick up the cheapest brand. Make sure to empty the tea bag of all its contents.

Cut the Tea Bag
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