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7 Easy Ways to Fix a Broken Nail ...

By Stephanie

I want to share some stress-free ways to fix a broken nail. It’s such a pain when one of your nails splits or breaks. Plus, going through the pain of cutting it so short that it may bleed is a horrible process in itself. So, in order to reduce stress and pain when this nail mishap occurs, check out my seven easy ways to fix a broken nail, listed below!

1 Obtain a Tea Bag

The first of the seven ways to fix a broken nail is to find a tea bag. If you love tea as much as I do, you probably have a whole bunch of tea bags in your kitchen, varying from decaf to green, but, if you’re not a big tea drinker and don’t have any tea bags on hand, go and ask a friend for a few bags or pick up a small box of them from your local store. (And who knows, maybe you’ll end up acquiring a taste for tea!) It doesn’t matter what kind of tea bag it is – you’re not going to be using the tea leaves (unless you're an avid tea drinker). Just pick up the cheapest brand. Make sure to empty the tea bag of all its contents.

2 Cut the Tea Bag

It must be an unused, dry tea bag. Cut a piece of the tea bag large enough to fit the part where your nail split or cracked. Feel free to use the leftover tea in an infuser to make a cup of tea, and let's keep going!

3 Apply a Clear Base Coat

Apply a clear base coat to all of your nails, including the broken one. This is used to give the tea bag something to stick to. You may also use nail glue instead of nail polish. Apply the piece of tea bag paper to the area where the nail has split or cracked while the base coat is still wet.

4 Shape Your Nails

After you've placed the tea bag snippet on your nail correctly, take a minute to groom all of your nails. Trim them with a nail cutter and file them. Make sure your nails look uniform, and there aren't any snags.

5 Apply Color Nail Polish

Apply your favorite nail polish on top once the base coat has dried completely. You may need a couple coats in order to create a smooth finish. My favorite color to use is a vivid red or a dark purple! Even a neutral color will work – it’s all up to you! Be creative!

6 Let Dry

This step is pretty much self-explanatory. Make sure to let your nail polish dry completely. You can apply a clear top coat on top of the color nail polish if you so desire. Then, just wear like you normally would. Show off that bright, sexy color or nude, subtle look until you grow tired of it!

7 Remove the Tea Bag

Remove the tea bag snippet when you’re ready to remove the old nail polish. Hopefully the crack will be completely healed! I recommend waiting about two weeks (if your nail polish doesn’t chip too badly by then!).

I love these tips and I hope you do too! They may not seem like much, but they’re major time and pain savers! My thumb nails always seem to crack at a certain point and it constantly drives me nuts! I hate having to cut all my nails just because one of them decides to crack! This is a perfect remedy for any woman who suffers from nails that break easily, especially in the wintertime! Do your nails constantly break like mine? If so, how do you deal with it? Will you be using these tips to battle against constant nail breakage?

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