7 Helpful Ways You Can Strengthen Dry and Brittle Nails ...


7 Helpful Ways You Can Strengthen Dry and Brittle Nails ...
7 Helpful Ways You Can Strengthen Dry and Brittle Nails ...

Learning to strengthen dry and brittle nails is important if you suffer from constant splitting, breaking, and peeling! I’ve never had tough nails, so it’s been a long battle for me to grow healthy and strong nails. It takes dedication! Some days I still have the occasional weak nail, but for the most part these are my own tried and true ways to strengthen dry and brittle nails.

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Take a Multivitamin

Taking a multivitamin is a top way to strengthen dry and brittle nails. I keep mine some place where I will see it and remember to take it every morning with my breakfast. Vitamins A and C will really contribute to shiny, hard nails, and calcium will also help prevent cracking and splitting. So make sure you are eating a balanced and nutritious diet as well!


Use Cuticle Cream Daily

Choose a cuticle cream that has high moisturizing properties and one that smells nice. I like a nice scent because you will likely be catching whiffs of it all day long! Keeping your cuticles soft encourages nail growth, and moisturized nails are much less likely to split and peel than dry and brittle nails.


Apply Nail Strengthener

I wear nail strengthener every single day that I don’t have polish on. And the days when I paint my nails, I usually apply the strengthener underneath my polish! Nail strengtheners come in several forms, and most of them are quick drying. If you don’t have nail strengthener on hand, then you can apply a coat of clear nail polish for almost the same results!


Avoid over-usage of Nail Polish Remover

This is one tip that’s really hard for me to stick with. I love to paint my nails and change out my polish quite frequently! But nail polish remover is very drying, so it’s best to avoid using it as much as possible. If you like to polish often, then get a polish remover without acetone in it. It takes a little more work to get the polish off, but it’s better for your nails!


Don’t Grow Your Nails Too Long

While you are in the process of trying to strengthen your nails, it’s best to keep them at a shorter length. When you grow out brittle nails, the slightest snag easily breaks them. Then you just have uneven, ragged nails, and sometimes the break can be painful, depending on how deep it goes!


Wear Gloves for Household Chores

Did you know that leaving your hands in dishwater over an extended amount of time can be really damaging? Mayo Clinic’s website speaks of how harmful fungi can grow under your nails and cuticles when you leave them in water too long. Your nails can also soak in water if they’re too dry, which will cause them to be more prone to breakage later on. Rubber gloves also keep you from using your nails to scratch or pry on objects, which is really unhealthy for them!


Use This Secret Weapon

The best trick to get your nails to grow strong is EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Soak your nails in a little bit of pure EVOO for about 10 minutes every day to really get moisturized, conditioned cuticles and nails. Your tips will be looking sassy and classy in no time at all!

Having healthy and strong nails IS possible, so don’t give up if you feel like your nails will never grow! Just apply these tips faithfully every day. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated, as dehydration is also a big cause for splitting nails. In what ways do you strengthen and grow your dry and brittle nails?

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