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I love getting my toes done and if you do too, I’ve rounded up some simple ways to make your pedicure last longer! Let’s face it, pedicures can be costly and it’s rare that we have the extra time to get to a nail salon on a regular basis. So, let’s do our part to make sure our pedicure lasts as long as possible! Join me as I show you eight easy ways to make your pedicure last longer!

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Smooth It out

Before we get into the ways to make your pedicure last longer, let’s not forget to keep up on the upkeep of our feet! Having a nice polish job always can make our feet look more presentable, but not if you have dry, callused skin! Use a pumice stone to regularly slough off dead skin from your feet to keep them soft, smooth and sandal-worthy!



This might be another pedicure tip that I don’t need to remind you of, but let’s review it just in case. If you’re not already moisturizing on a regular basis, it’s a must that you start! Moisturizing your feet not only helps your pedicure look better by keeping your skin and cuticles soft and hydrated, but it also helps your feet stay smooth and look great in between trips to the salon!


Carry Cuticle Oil

Another way to make your pedicure last is to carry a cuticle oil and keep your feet soft, moisturized and prevent the polish from chipping. Having rough or dry cuticles can mean painful hangnails and unsightly rough skin. Keep a small bottle of cuticle oil in your bag or at your desk to apply on your cuticles and nails one to two times a day to prolong the life of your pedi!


Top Your Topcoat

Another easy pedicure tip that we often forget to do is to top off our pedicure with a top coat! If you want your toes to maintain the high shine and luster, you’ve gotta reapply a top coat. The top coat that the manicurist applied in the salon typically wears off in a couple of days, so prevent your polish from chipping and keep your toes looking fresh with a touch-up!


Keep ‘em Covered

This next pedicure tip might go against the whole point of getting a pedicure but it’s one to think about. Although we get pedicures in order to show off our well-groomed feet, constantly exposing them to the elements can lead to chipped or faded polish, or dry and rough skin. Of course it’s okay to wear open toed shoes and sandals, but make sure you protect your feet and keep them covered on days you can.


Avoid Heat

You know what else kills a pedicure-heat! We might think that once we get our fast-dry top coat on our nails, we’re pretty much good to go, but not quite yet. Nail polish takes about 12 hours to harden so if you get your pedi and run to the sauna or jump in a hot tub, you’re running the risk of ruining your pedicure!


Bring Your Own Polish

If you’re unsure whether your nail salon carries new bottles of polish, why not bring your own?! Many salons use nail polish thinners to prolong the shelf life of polish, so if you want to ensure you’re really getting a fresh coat, bring your own nail color. This way, you can do your own touch-ups if you need to and you’ll know you’re not wearing old polish!


Dodge Fragrances

If you like to use scented body lotions, the fragrance in the lotion might not be great for your pedi. Synthetic fragrances have been known to make nail polish crack, so when you’re moisturizing your feet, go for unscented lotions or use essential oils to keep skin soft!

There are many ways to make your pedicure last longer and save some money and time in between! Even if you do strictly at-home pedicures, try out these tips to keep your toes looking pretty and professional for days or even weeks! Do you have any of your own tips that you use to keep your pedicure looking new?

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Yes, these tips are essential in doing your feet. I will use them for sure. My own tips, well - always keep your tools ( if you do it yourself) clean and if not ask your pedi master to sanitize each time he / she does it!

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