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7 Steps on How to Get Caviar Nails ...

By Stephanie

Have you ever wondered how to get caviar nails? Caviar manicures have been gaining popularity recently. They’re not too hard to do, but they definitely do take time! They can add that nice sparkle to your outfit and help you move from dull to glitzy in a matter of minutes. All you need is a few key materials, some time and these seven steps on how to get caviar nails and you’ll be good to go!

1 Gather the Materials

The name of this manicure comes from the way the manicure looks. It looks like tiny fish eggs, known as caviar. Sounds gross, right? But it looks so fabulous; this manicure is the complete opposite of what the name suggests. But don’t worry, ladies, you aren’t gluing fish eggs to your nails. In order to get this look, you’ll need micro beads. They come in a bunch of different colors. You can pick them up at any local arts and crafts store. I recommend hitting up Michael's or Hobby Lobby. You’ll also need a paper plate, a colored nail polish of your choosing and a clear top coat. Once you have all the supplies you need, get ready to learn how to get caviar nails!

2 Groom Your Nails

Wash your hands. Then, make sure your nails are properly trimmed and filed. Plus, remove any leftover nail polish so that you have fresh, clean nails to work with.

3 Apply Nail Polish

Apply the first coat of your colored nail polish and let it dry. Then, apply a second coat. Make sure it’s awfully thick because this is how the beads are going to stick onto your nails!

4 Bring on the Beads!

Before you start, make sure the paper plate is situated underneath your hand in order to catch any of the extra beads that don’t stick to your polished nail. Then, before your second coat dries, take a pinch of beads and sprinkle them all over one of your nails. Gently press them into place using your finger. Repeat a second time until your whole nail is covered with beads. Make sure they’re pressed into the nail polish firmly so they don’t fall off easily!

Note: Don’t use nail glue to adhere the beads. They'll come off easier! Nail polish creates a better adhesive.

5 Repeat Step #4

Keep sprinkling the beads and pressing them into your wet polish for each one of your nails. You may have to sprinkle the beads more than twice, especially if there seems to be a lot of blank spaces.

6 Let Your Nails Dry Completely

The key is to let your nails dry completely to make sure the beads don’t fall off prematurely. Wait at least ten minutes to make sure they’re dry enough to move onto the seventh step.

7 Dab Your Nails with a Top Coat

Complete your finished look with a top coat, but don’t brush it on or the beads might fall off. Instead, dab it on the edges of your nails, especially the tip. Also, if you brush the top coat on, the color of the beads might come off with the polish (and nobody wants that!)

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to remove the caviar manicure once you grow sick of it. You have to scrap off the beats first, then, once those are fully removed, you can tackle the nail polish with regular nail polish remover. Do you have any of your own tips for the caviar manicure?

This is definitely not an everyday manicure. Perhaps this manicure would be perfect for a formal occasion, a night out on the town or a wedding. Would you be willing to try this manicure?


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