7 Festive and Affordable Nail Polish Options to Try This Christmas ...

Ladies, we love finding deals and reasonable prices on everything, including affordable nail polish. At this time of year we spend loads of time and money making other people happy. When we come across great prices for things we love (and a few things we didn’t know that we loved, ha!), it is fantastic! A couple things that make me very happy are pretty colors and great deals. We have seven suggestions for festive and affordable nail polish options that offer both to try this Christmas.

1. Maybelline Color Show in Paint the Town

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We begin our short list of affordable nail polish options to try this Christmas with a very familiar color. Paint the Town Red by Maybellie Color Show is a cute shade of red. The tint is bright and cheerful! It also reminds me of candy canes and Santa Claus’ Christmas suit. Plus you can get it for just $2.97.

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