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7 Steps to Healthier Nails for Good ...

By Alicia

Do you want to know the steps to healthier nails? All of us would like to know what we can do to have healthy nails. There are a lot of reasons that nails can appear or be unhealthy. Let’s look at that and some steps to healthier nails that you can begin to take now.

1 Treat the Underlying Causes

There are a lot of things that can cause nails to look unhealthy or to actually be unhealthy. A lot of times our nails are trying to give us clues about our health. There may be an undiagnosed health problem causing your unhealthy looking nails. It could even be a vitamin deficiency. Have your doctor look at your nails the next time you are in for an appointment. That is one of the first steps to healthier nails.

2 Let Your Nails Breathe

I love, love, love to paint my nails. I could happily keep them painted all of the time. But I have learned that it is not really healthy for your nails to do that. It is best to let your nails breathe in between paintings. I aim for a week or two in between.

3 Apply Cuticle Oil

If you want to have beautiful, healthy nails, you need to use cuticle oil. You need to do this even more so in the winter months when it is cold and the cuticles dry out and can get ragged. There are also cuticle creams that accomplish the same purpose. Either one can work well for you. I have had good success with Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream.

4 Take Vitamins for Your Nails

There are actually vitamins you can take to help you to have healthier nails. Sometimes they come in a nail and hair combination vitamin. Of course, you should never take a new vitamin or any other medication without first talking to your doctor about it. But they can work and give you healthier looking nails. It will probably take a month or so to start seeing the results.

5 Use a Strengthening Product

If the main problem with your nails is that they break easily, you may want to try using a strengthening product for them. I like Essie’s Millionails but there are other options, too. You want to look for something that says it will strengthen your nails. A product marketed for lengthening your nails will help them to grow faster but not stronger. It makes a difference so watch the details on that.

6 Eat Healthy

This one is not going to be popular but it is true. Eating healthy helps you to have healthy nails. Aim to pack your diet with all of the food groups and eat a variety of good choices. Protein is especially important in helping you have strong nails and hair. Make sure you are getting an adequate amount of protein each day.

7 File Correctly

If you file your nails back and forth, you’ve got trouble. I know that it takes much longer to file in one direction, but filing back and forth will cause splitting and make your nails more prone to breakage. It is a just a better technique you have to get yourself in the habit of doing. After a while, it will be old hat.

There are things you can do to have healthier nails. What are some of the tricks and tips you follow for healthy nails? I would love for you to share!

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