7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Nude Nail Polish for You ...


I don’t know about you readers, but I have really fallen for nude nail polish lately. Thankfully, it is very on trend this spring so there are lots of shades to enjoy. Nude nail polish is the perfect complement to any outfit and also makes your hands have a more youthful appearance. Try these 7 steps to find the perfect nude nail polish for you.

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Figure out What Brand Works for You

The first step to finding your perfect nude nail polish is figuring out which brand works for you. All women have brands that they favor. I tend to judge a nail polish by the quality of the finish it gives me and how long it lasts. I do not want a brand that is going to give me chips in two days. My favorite brand is Essie followed up by OPI.


Learn if You Are a Warm or Cool Skin Tone

It is good to consider if your skin tone is warm or cool when you are looking for a nude nail polish. This will help you decide what shades to consider when you are shopping. If you are a warm skin tone you will be able to veer more toward the beige and light tan shades. A woman with a cool skin tone will want to look for a polish with more of a pink or pale taupe undertone. Staying in your correct skin tone when you choose nail polish will help you to have it complement you rather than work against you.


Decide if You Want Sheer or Full Coverage

Nude nail polishes do come in several different finishes. The basic choice you are going to need to make is do you want sheer or full coverage. Sheer coverage will allow you to see the nail beneath the polish. Full coverage will not allow you to do that. I tend toward full coverage because I think it looks more polished, but there is no right or wrong here. I have seen beautiful nail polishes in both finishes.


Watch the Trending Polishes

Thankfully, nude nail polish is hot right now. It seems the trend of artistic expression on your nails is going out and a simple, more understated look is coming in. This is wonderful for those of us that have fallen in love with the look of nude nail polish. You can watch the new nail polish lines and have a large variety to choose from. This helps when you are trying to find the perfect one for you.


Look at Swatches

I always look at swatches when a nail polish catches my eye. My favorite way to do this is to google the nail polish brand and shade and look at the images. It gives me a feel for how the nail polish looks when it is actually worn. You can also look for the nail polish you are interested in on Pinterest. When I do this, I like to pin the image so I can refer back to it later to compare.


Try It on

Of course, it is always good if you can try before you buy. It is good to sample any cosmetic before purchasing, if possible. Trying a nail polish on is good because it gives you a feel for how it will look on you personally. It is entirely possible that a nail polish looks different on you than it does in the bottle or on swatches. After you have found the nude nail polish you are looking for, you can make your purchase with confidence.


Wear It Correctly

To get the most out of your nude nail polish, you want make sure that you wear it correctly. Your manicure will last a lot longer if you take time to do it right. Be sure to start with a base coat and allow it to dry for at least two minutes before you apply your color. It is usually good to apply two to three coats of color. Follow up with two coats of top coat. After this, you should be set to go.

I hope that these steps help you to find the perfect nude nail polish for you. Now, it is time for some fun. What nude polishes do you love or are you dreaming of this spring?

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