7 Cutest Animal Nail Art Tutorials ...


7 Cutest Animal Nail Art Tutorials ...
7 Cutest Animal Nail Art Tutorials ...

I’m starting to really love animal nail art tutorials! The designs are so darn cute; I can’t resist! And the tutorials are so easy to follow! Therefore, I scoured YouTube for the top cutest animal nail art tutorials to bring to you; I hope you love them as much as I do!

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This is my favorite out of all of the animal nail art tutorials! Talk about cuteness overload! Oh my goodness! Plus, this tutorial is super easy! I mean, you only need three nail polish colors: white, black and pink! It’s also super quick compared to a lot of other animal nail art tutorials! This manicure would be perfect for Easter or spring time (or if you just love bunnies!).



This tutorial is just as easy as the bunny nail art tutorial! Once again, you only need three colors. This time, you need white, black and orange! This is super cute for winter! You can either paint all your nails to look like baby penguins or do an accent nail instead!



If you're a dog lover, you must try this look! The dog she designs looks like a baby pitbull! (Aww!) Plus, she also shows you how to create paw prints to complement the puppy theme as well! How neat! Even though she only paints a dog on one finger, you can easily do it on all of your fingernails if you so desire (and have a steady hand!).



How can you resist these little cuties? This tutorial is a bit on the harder side. You definitely have to have a steady hand! It's a wonderful look for springtime though! It definitely requires a lot of fine detail work too. Will you be trying it? I definitely wouldn't be able to create this look!



If you're a cat lover, this nail art tutorial is perfect for you! A cute little kitty will decorate one of your nails! All you need is white, blue, pink and black nail polishes to create this look! The eyes of the cat may be a bit tricky, so take your time and watch the tutorial more than once if you need!



This look can't get any easier! There's no tiny detail work needed! The circles needed for this design are fairly easy to create. I bet anyone can create this look, no matter if you're artistic or not!



I'm a huge lover of frogs, so I just had to share this tutorial! Plus, the little frogs are just too adorable to pass up! I was surprised at how quick and easy this design was too – it’ll probably only take ten minutes at the most (if you decide to paint all of your fingernails, that is!).

All you need for these tutorials is a toothpick, a dotter tool, a clear top coat and the nail polish colors – most of the time you only need three or four colors! Although, some of them may call for acrylic paint instead of nail polish, so be on the lookout for that as well! So, what did you think of these tutorials? Or do you have any other animal nail art tutorials to share?Will you be trying any of these cute nail art designs? If so, which one? Do you like this trend?

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Tried the bunny one and it was a big hit !

So cute! Totally trying them out!


Love the owls!

What is the silver tiny tool being used on the sheep eyes, etc?

So cute

My favorite's the sheep.

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