7 Colors You Need to Start a Nail Polish Collection ...


7 Colors You Need to Start a Nail Polish Collection ...
7 Colors You Need to Start a Nail Polish Collection ...

Start a nail polish collection right now, honey! Yes, I’m talking to you, and you and you there! Now, I don’t know what you heard but, trust me, starting a nail polish collection isn’t as hard or expensive as it might sound at first. You don’t need to have tons of variations of red, green or blue, a few basic nail polish colors will do the trick just fine. After all, even the most dedicated of collectors would agree that some colors are more useful (and maybe even get a bit more love) than others. Here are some I find oh-so-worth having and would advise you to consider adding first as you start a nail polish collection.

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Vampy Red

A vampy red is a definite must even if your dream isn’t to start a nail polish collection worthy of a beauty blogger. Seriously, if need be, I could easily see myself forsaking all other reds for it and never regret my decision. It’s classy, it’s glam, super sexy and doesn’t look cheap on any skin tone – a definition of foolproof, for sure!

Try: Essie Skirting the Issue or Chanel Vamp


Polished Nude

A nude polish has been a must have since like…forever! And that hasn’t changed! Wonderful, healthy shine, nice even color and an overall well-maintained look is to be expected from this shade, making it your most valuable ally on day-to-day basis.

Try: Essence Nude Glam Collection


Pretty Rose

A delicate, flirty, ladylike yet still pretty basic nail polish color such as this one is totally worth having in your collection. It’s light enough to be office-friendly but still gives your nails a soft coat of color that kind of equals the nude look without actually being it. Give it a try. A pale rose will work great for fair to medium skin tones while ladies with darker complexions might want to choose a medium/dusky rose should they wish to get the same classy but not in-your-face effect.

Try: Dior Porcelain/Chanel Jade Rose (fair) or Chanel Cache (dark)


Rose is a classic color for nails that can be worn in both professional and casual settings. It's a great option for fair to medium skin tones, as it gives nails a subtle hint of color without being too noticeable. For those with darker complexions, a medium or dusky rose can be a great choice. When looking for a rose-colored nail polish, consider Dior Porcelain or Chanel Jade Rose for fair skin tones, and Chanel Cache for darker skin tones. With the right shade of rose, you can create a timeless and elegant look that is sure to turn heads.


Micro-Glitter Black

While standard black might be perfect for stamping and other forms of nail art, there are plenty of ladies who would consider it too bold, teenage or Goth-like to be worn on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Ah, but have you tried a glittery black? It’s trendy and cool and even classy, not to mention how hard it is to say no to tons and tons of colored, glittery specks swimming in a black base.

Try: YSL Black Collection or Essence Twilight Collection


Base and Top Coat

Not actually “colors” but hey, these are the cornerstones of a professional-looking, long lasting manicure, meaning that we can’t skip them simply because they are colorless. A base coat will harden your nails, ease color application and block or minimize stains while a top coat provides extra shine and adds hardness while, at the same time, helping your polish dry faster.

Try: Seche Vite or Essie Super Duper Top Coat


Perfect Summer Shade

Every lady out there should have her own summer shade of polish. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know, but it’s just one of those things that makes you look forward to the warm weather and feel all giddy about finally cracking open a bottle of something different. You can go for coral, jade, turquoise, neon – anything that makes your heart skip a beat.

Try: Chanel Orange Fizz, Chanel Jade, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, OPI Outrageous Neons


Precious Element-like Colors

Last but not least – colors I’ve somehow managed to (totally accidentally) pick up and receive as a gift while starting my humble nail polish collection. They proved much more useful and wearable than I expected, too, and as such are something I’d gladly recommend to others. One or two of these seriously eye-catching colors will prove perfect for evening outings, giving your nails enough va-va-voom to match and top up your hairstyle, makeup and outfit.

Try: Chanel Quartz, Chanel Peridot, OPI Goldeneye, China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Starting a nail polish collection is too fun to miss out on and you’d do well to remember that, ladies! Choose your colors wisely and you’ll soon be sitting on a collection that, although not tremendous, covers all of your needs. But tell me, is there a particular color so wearable that everyone should try it?

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