7 Tools for Nail Art You Probably Have Lying around the House ...


Tools for nail art aren’t just for professionals anymore. In case you haven’t noticed, nail art is all over the place these days. There are so many types and styles that you can achieve virtually any look you want. Whether you’re new to nail art or are a seasoned pro, you might not realize how easy it can be with the right tools for nail art. Chances are, you have many of them lying around your house as we speak.

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Toothpicks are one of my favorite tools for nail art because I always have a box in my cabinet and they’re easy to use. If you’re working on a small image, such as a flower or cross, the small tip of the toothpick can help you get the size just right. You can also use a toothpick to swirl or swipe your nail polish to create fun patterns.


Tiny Paintbrushes

I’ve been known to hijack my kids’ itty bitty paintbrushes for a variety of jobs. They are just the right size for creating nail art and if you wash them and put them away when you’re done, your kids probably won’t even know you used them. I like tiny paintbrushes for creating any picture or pattern. They make it easy to get the precision you need to make a recognizable image.



Clear tape is for more than wrapping presents. You can adhere it to your nail and paint the exposed portion for all kinds of patterns. Use it to create stripes, chevrons, a French manicure or zig zags. Once the polish dries, remove the tape and fill in the rest of the nail with your other polish.


Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are perfect for making polka dots, which is one my favorite nail art looks. Simply dip the end in your polish and touch it to your nail. Luckily, bobby pins don’t cost that much so you can keep a bunch on hand so you don’t have to mix colors. That way you can have polka dots in a bunch of colors.



Next time you stock up on dishwashing sponges, grab an extra for your nail art cache. You can easily swipe several colors of polish on the sponge and press it to your nail to create tie dye, ombre, or checkerboard effects on your nails. This is one of the easiest things you can do to make nail art and one sponge will last for quite a while because you can wash the polish off when you’re done.



If you want to create a splash or burst pattern on your nails, a straw is the tool you need. Drop a large dot of your desired color on the nail, then place the straw very close to the polish without touching it. Blow gently through the straw to move the nail polish where you want it.


Cotton Swabs

I like cotton swabs for removing nail polish. You can use one to create patterns on your nails by dipping one in nail polish remover and swiping it in the desired pattern across your nail. You can also use cotton swabs to correct mistakes and get rid of nail polish on your cuticles or fingers.

Do you do nail art? I’m not that great at it, but I love the way it looks when it’s done. Do you have any other advice on what to use to get the newest looks?

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Going to try with the toothpicks!


Bobby pins /hair grips to make dots

Going to try straws😃

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