7 Nail Art Tips and Tricks ...

Obviously, we're not all nail art professionals here, but learning some of the right nail art tips can make you pretty darn close to being one! For most of us, our nails are an extension of our fashion sense and should be treated the same as we do our hair or our outfits. Even if it's just applying a nude color to your nails, keeping them nice shows that you take care of yourself. Sometimes though, we like to spice up our plain old nails and that's when these nail art tips will come in handy!

1. Plastic Bag Designs

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Not all of us can be artists with both our right and our left hands. First up for these nail art tips will help give you perfect nail designs, on both hands, every time! Simply draw out your design on a plastic Ziploc baggie and wait for them to dry. Then simply peel off each design, stick them on your nails, and cover each with a clear fast drying top coat. If you have a thin sharpie marker, you can also outline your design first on the baggie before coloring them in with nail polish. Also, make sure each design is small enough to fit on your nail with a little room left. Everyone's nails are different so you will have to estimate what is best for you!

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