8 Pros and Cons of Nail Art ...


8 Pros and Cons of Nail Art ...
8 Pros and Cons of Nail Art ...

Nail art is a big business these days. Everyone seems to be sporting fingernail art, from celebrities to the top trendsetters. It could be a cool graphic pattern or an intricate embellished nail – an outfit doesn’t seem complete unless is has some nail art to match! While I love looking at and being inspired by nail art, I tend to shy away from this trend myself. Take a look at a few of my manicure art pros and cons to see why.

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Pro: It’s Fun

Well, this is an obvious pro of the nail art trend. If you’re bored of neutral or block coloured nail polish, a colourful patterned nail or bold graphic might be more to your tune. It’s a fun way to incorporate quirky elements into your outfit.


Con: It Takes Time

For most of us, spending hours perfecting cool looking nails just isn’t an option. While things like nail wraps and stickers can speed up the process, in most cases trying your hand at nail art involves a lot of sitting and waiting for the nail polish to dry! It's so hard to find the time.


Pro: Everyone else is Doing It

Want to be one of the cool kids? Easy! You don’t have to buy that designer jacket or it-bag, just pick up a few bottles of nail polish, nail stickers and voila! You’ve got yourself some on-trend, fashionable and funky nail art.


Con: Everyone else is Doing It

The whole ‘everyone else is doing it’ argument is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand it’s an easy way to stay up with the trends, but on the other hand, your nails could get lost in a sea of equally arty graphic nails. All you need is one celebrity to sport tuxedo nail art before a sea of copy cats follow.


Pro: Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

If you’re looking for a creative outlet with your day to day looks, then your nails are the perfect canvas. Bold makeup looks aren’t always an option, but nail art can be a more acceptable way of wearing an out-there beauty look. Let your imagination run wild to create truly unique nail art.


Con: the Toll on Nails

Constantly applying polish, glue, or stickers to your nails can leave them a bit worse for wear. While a boisterous coloured nails may look great for a week or so, once you remove it all you might be left with discoloured and unhealthy nails. Is it really worth the price?


Pro: It Can Be Therapeutic

Taking a little bit of a time out from the world and focusing on yourself can be quite therapeutic. Setting aside an hour or so to work on your nail art is one way to experience that little bit of ‘me’ time. You're also being creative, which is soothing as well.


Con: Hard to Perfect

If you’re like me and have perfectionist tendencies, nail art can be your worst enemy. The slightest smudge or crack and boom! Manicure ruined! Practice makes perfect but you might experience a lot of heartbreak in the process.

As you can see, I have quite mixed feelings when it comes to nail art. The time I spend debating it is probably time I could spend actually giving myself a manicure! Are you on board the nail art bandwagon? What are your pros and cons for the nail art trend?

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And it only last like 2-3 days!

I love nail art =) Good information tough..

Very true especially the last one if you're a perfectionist like me!

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