15 Gorgeous Nail Polish Colors with Ridiculous Names ...


If you want your hands to look stunning, there are ridiculously gorgeous nail polish colors with ridiculous names that you should try. Not only will you look beautiful, but when you're asked what color you're wearing, you get to say something silly. Get ready to go shopping, because here are some of the most ridiculously gorgeous nail polish colors with ridiculous names:

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No Baggage Please

No Baggage Please This is one of the nail polish colors with ridiculous names that is perfect for anytime you're heading to the airport. You shouldn't lug around extra baggage with you, but you should always pack this is in your carry-on bag.


Using My Maiden Name

Using My Maiden Name If you're not sure how to break the news to your fiance that you don't want to take his name, just wear this polish around him. He's sure to get the hint.


Truth or Flare

Truth or Flare Everybody loves a good pun. This one makes sense, because if you pick 'dare' during Truth or Dare, you better have some flare, because you're going to be stuck performing some crazy act.


Golden Nuggets

Golden Nuggets A golden nugget is a lump of gold. Even if your clothes are tattered, you might as well let your nails give you the appearance that you're rich.


Shake Your $$ Maker

Shake Your $$ Maker This nail polish color isn't satisfied with letters, so it includes symbols as well. It's something Kesha would love!



MIAMI Nice Miami Vice is a show about crime, death, and murder. It's not exactly the happiest thing on television. But replacing the 'vice' with 'nice' makes everything okay.


Starter Wife

Starter Wife A starter wife is a slang term for a man's first wife, whom he uses and then divorces. It's not something you'd ever want to be... But the color sure is pretty.


Lacy Not Racy

Lacy Not Racy People associate lacy things with racy things, because lace is so darn sexy. However, this nail polish color corrects that silly assumption. Way to go, beauty products!


Twin Sweater Set

Twin Sweater Set This polish is perfect to wear with a cozy sweater. It's also perfect to wear if you're a twin. You can match sweaters and polish, so everyone knows you share DNA.


No More Film

No More Film This polish is urging you to step away from the telly and step into the sunlight. Get out there, and live your life! It's so inspirational for such a little container.


No Pre-Nup

No Pre-Nup This is for all the girls ready to step into their wedding gowns. Why listen to a lawyer when you could listen to your nail polish?


Really Red

Really Red It's difficult to describe this shade of red. It's not 'kind of red' or 'a little red.' It's 'really red.'


Fed up

Fed up Nail polish is supposed to brighten your nails, and your mood. Of course, if you're too sad to be cheered up, this is the color for you.


Under Where?

Under Where? This color looks fantastic on your nails, and would apparently look great on your underwear as well. It's an extreme way to color coordinate, but do whatever makes you happy.


Size Matters

Size Matters This polish must be talking about the size of your nails. You don't want them to be too long or too short, do you?

As silly as these polish names are, they're gorgeous. You don't want to wear the same color all of the time, so you need a bit of variety, and these colors are a great place to start. Which one of the colors on this list would you love to wear?

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Sandy I like Under Where?

size matters,really red&under; wear are beautiful colours I'd 100% wear them!!

Why were all if these Essie?

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